Archive – 2006

ENews No 20A

A supplement to yesterday's E-News on the subject of steel toe-capped boots. The Trust will be acquiring a few pairs for use at work parties and similar events, but for those of you who would prefer to own your own there is a company called Burdens Industrial Supplies that has a "3 for the price […]

ENews No 20

Welcome to E-News No. 20, and to a mixed bag this time: =================CHANGING YOUR CARAVAN?================= The bored of this world have found one of our storage caravans and guess what? They thought it would be good fun to trash it. So, if by any chance you are wondering what to do with that medium sized […]

ENews No 19

Welcome to E-News No. 19. I make no apology for it being full of volunteer opportunities as it is wonderful news that things are moving at last! +++++++++++++++++EAST OF BRIMSCOMBE – Dates for Your Diary+++++++++++++++++ You may remember the last edition of E-News where Alan Jones' work parties east of Brimscombe were launched. Well, 6 […]