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ENews 29

Hello, & welcome to E-News No. 29. There's a lot of this flu about isn't there? Plan A was for this edition to come out last Friday but as we all know the man strain is particularly virulent, so Plan B it is. oOo NO. 10 PETITIONS – NO, NOT THE ROAD CHARGING ONE But […]

ENews 29A

With apologies, I've done it again by the looks of it. I let my ws get in the way of my https. In E-News 29 I managed to incorrectly copy the Westminster petition's url. It should have read  Thanks to Peter Y and Martin S for pointing this out. ATTENTION ALL COMPUTER BUFFS! not […]

ENews 30 – Test Email

My apologies for troubling you all, I am hoping this Newsletter will find its way through to our Hotmail subscribers' Inboxes. If it does – I shall be even more confused as to why and how it succeeded where 29 and 29A failed! If it does not – then some 40 to 50 current subscribers […]