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ENews 2012-02

11 February 2012 Hello, welcome to ENews 2012-02. Those long in the tooth will remember the pomesNew system is working so stand by for groans……. oOo ISSUE 2012-02 HEADLINES: As BW's days may be numberedThe acronym CART takes its placeTrip Boats at both Saul & LechladeNeeding their crews to touch base.oOoAt Whitminster and at the […]

ENews 2012-01

17th January 2012 Hello and a warm welcome to ENews 2012-01. Happy New Year! oOo ORATION UPDATE(In other words, there's no 'Rest'…) Despite the Christmas and New Year break there is still a heck of a lot going on on the restoration front…….if you are unclear on any of the following locations, then remember that Ordnance […]