ENews No 17

Welcome to the latest issue of the Cotswold Canals Trust electronic newsletter. In future the newsletter will simply be known as "E-News" …… as it's so much easier to type!


This year's Christmas cards are now available, only £3.45 for a pack of 10. They can be bought at the following locations:

* The Heritage Centre Saul – every weekend;
* The Roadshow – it will be outside the Sub. Rooms Stroud on the 21st October and in Brewery Court Cirencester on the 18th November;
* Most weekday mornings from the Trust's Cirencester Office, but please phone first to check availability.

They can be made available by post with a small additional charge to cover post and packing. For further details please contact mail@cotswoldcanals.com  or telephone Jill in the Office on 01285 643440


…………who could spare just a couple of hours this coming Saturday [21st] to be on the Roadshow Stall between 10.00am & 12 noon and/or between 12 noon & 2.30pm when we are outside the Subscription Rooms in Stroud?

The Roadshow is just like a spell of duty at the Heritage Centre but without the need to make a cup of tea or coffee every 5 minutes! If you feel you can help then please let me know soonest – postmaster@cctmembers-newsletter.co.uk.

Thank you.