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Lodgemore Bridge — A look back in time

Lodgemore Swing Bridge — Makers plate restored

The shattered cast iron name plate that once identified Lodgemore Swing Bridge as the work of T.H.J. Daniels Ltd. has been repaired by local engineers Ryeford Engineering.

Stroud District Council’s Canal Restoration Project Manager Dave Marshall is pictured below with Arthur Keenan (left) and Nick Rieger (right). The pair gained their skills whilst serving apprenticeships with T.H.J. Daniels Ltd. in the 1970’s.

Daniels Plaque 2

Apprenticeship schemes — Long term value

Nick Rieger, who now owns Ryeford Engineering at Cainscross, served his Daniels apprenticeship between 1970 and 1975. Arthur Keenan developed his high level welding and machining skills on the same apprenticeship scheme between 1974 & 79. Arthur now applies those skills to his work at Ryeford Engineering.

The photograph below shows Lodgemore bridge back in February 2015 before work began on installing the new lift bridge.

Daniels Bridge Old

Decades of frost, stress and vibration

Click here, or on the image above, for a close-up of the makers name plate once proudly affixed to the bridge that for generations served the woollen mill now known as Winterbotham, Strachan and Playne.

The fractures to the plate indicate many decades of frost, stress and vibration caused by heavy traffic passing over the bridge.

Engineering excellence

Stroud has for many years been a centre of engineering excellence. ‘Stroudies’ have oft been heard to profess proudly… ‘We do make stuff in Stroud!’

A similarly skilled team of engineers from Nottingham based ECS Engineering fabricated the new lift bridge.

Careful recovery

ECS’s installation team leader Ian Barfoot ensured that the shattered name plate was carefully recovered from the long since demobilised swing bridge.

The plate, in many parts, was handed to the Cotswold Canals Trust and CCT member John Ferris suggested it could be restored by his friend Arthur Keenan.

The picture below illustrates John’s challenge to Arthur.

Daniels Plate detail 555

Welding cast iron — a very special skill

Nick Rieger, knowing the history of the name plate, was only too pleased to support Arthur in his reassembly and welding endeavours.

Nick commented… “I asked Arthur to get the job done in works time. Welding cast iron is a very special skill and I knew Arthur could do it if anyone could. I also know he stayed on well after hours to get it finished to such a high standard.”

Arthur Keenan added. “It has been a pleasure to do, and well worth the effort and if you like, it shows the value of experience and skills gained through an apprenticeship with one of the best engineering firms in the Stroud Valleys.”


The repaired cast iron name plate now occupies pride of place on display inside the Cotswold Canals Trust Visitor Centre at Wallbridge Upper Lock.

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