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Bowbridge Bridge — Channel now open

Bowbridge Bridge works near completion The sequence of photos below reveal the progress of work on Bowbridge Bridge. Overview The design & construction of the road bridge work has been carried out by Amey Highways plc. on behalf of Gloucestershire County Council. Amey Highways then sub-contacted Britannia Construction of Cheltenham to carry out the actual […]

Waterway Recovery Group at Wallbridge

Waterway Recovery Group volunteers work wonders at Wallbridge A team of volunteers from the London Region Waterway Recovery Group (wrgies) attracted the attention of Saturday shoppers in Stroud. People with garden rakes in the water Passers-by were clearly intrigued to see two people with garden rakes deep down in the lock chamber outside Cotswold Canals […]

Stroud Raft & Duck Race

Stroud Raft & Duck Race — Sunday August 27th 2017 Raising funds for the Cotswold Canals Trust and The Door Youth Project Stroud Raft Race returns… with a few surprises! This year the raft race will be held as part of the Stroud Fringe Festival, adding a waterways dimension to this unique and popular event. The […]