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Send a Friend a Gift Membership

Send a Friend a Gift Membership  Cotswold Canals Trust offers an opportunity to share your passion for the Cotswold Canals restoration. This could be an ideal gift for a far-away friend or family member. You can now use PayPal to purchase a gift membership on-line. Top Tip: Do not use any commas when completing your […]

Merrywalks Bridge Bulletin No. 34

Merrywalks Bridge Update from Nigel Edgeworth Welcome back to the weekly bulletins. Work commenced again on Monday 10th January following the Christmas break. Some of you will be aware from press reports that there is now a significant delay to the works and it doesn’t look as though they will now be completed until May. […]

Saving on the Postage

Saving on the Postage Or, how the Wallbridge Webcam is serving people around the world… A strange sight greeted Wallbridge Lock Visitor Centre staff at 10am on New Years Day. Two gentlemen (of mature years) were seen jumping, giggling and waving from behind a twenty foot long banner on the pedestrian bridge. The banner bore […]