The ‘Trow’ Archive

The Trow’ Archive

The first edition of The Trow Magazine was published in February 1973.

The founders of what later became known as The Cotswold Canals Trust recognised the value of effective communication in promoting what some then described as… ‘an audacious enterprise’.

A view of the past

The collection provides a fascinating insight into the determination, farsightedness and character of the organisation’s volunteers.

Looking to the future

Every Trow Magazine is scanned and stored as a pdf.
All editions are now published in the on-line archive ‘one edition in arrears.’
As the Autumn edition is posted out to Trust members, the Summer edition will appear in the archive.

Thanks are due to Ken Bailey, David Jowett and Patrick Underwood for this addition to the website way back in 2012.

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The Trows are catalogued one decade at a time.
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