CCT Annual Accounts & Official Documents


Year Title Click on file name links below to download the document File Type Size
2018  Notice of 2018 Annual General Meeting  AGM-2018-Website-Notice pdf file 134kb
 Agenda for 2018 AGM  AGM-2018-Agenda pdf file 172kb
 Minutes of 2017 AGM  AGM-Minutes-2017-DRAFT pdf file 153kb
 AGM 2018 Charity Accounts (28 pages)  CCT-Charity-Accounts-2018-final pdf file 482kb
 AGM 2018 Trading Co. Accounts  CCT-Trading-Ltd-Final-2018-accounts pdf file 13kb
 AGM 2018 Candidates for Election  AGM-2018-Candidates-for-Election pdf file 136kb
Proposal to update charitable purpose (2018-07-27 v2) Proposal to update charitable purpose pdf file 1mb
Memorandum-Articles-of-Association-2018 (PROPOSAL FOR AGM – CHANGES) Memorandum of Articles of Association 2018 PROPOSAL for AGM pdf file 159kb
Memorandum-Articles-of-Association-2018 (PROPOSAL FOR AGM) Memorandum of Articles of Association 2018 PROPOSAL FOR AGM pdf file 134kb
2017  Notice of 2017 Annual General Meeting  2017-notice-of-meeting pdf file
 Agenda for 2017 AGM  2017-agm-agenda pdf file
 Minutes of 2016 AGM  2017-minutes-of 2016-meeting pdf file
 AGM 2017 Charity Accounts  2017-cct-charity-accounts pdf file
 AGM 2017 CCT Trading Co. Accounts  2017-cct-trading-ltd-accounts pdf file
 AGM 2017 Candidates for Election  2017-candidates-for-election pdf file
2016  AGM 2016 Agenda  2016-agm-agenda pdf file
 AGM 2016 Candidates  2016-agm-candidates-standing-for-reelection pdf file
 AGM 2016 Charity Accounts  2016-cct-charity-accounts-final pdf file
 AGM 2016 Trading Co Accounts  2016-cctt-ltd-final pdf file
 AGM 2016 Minutes of 2015  2015-agm-minutes-final pdf file
2015 AGM 2015 Agenda AGM_2015_Agenda.pdf pdf file 117.56 KB
AGM 2015 Candidates AGM_2015_Candidates.pdf pdf file  69.83 KB
AGM 2015 CCT Trading Accounts AGM_2015_CCT_Trading_Accounts.pdf pdf file 94.09 KB
AGM 2015 Charity Accounts AGM_2015_Charity_Accounts.pdf pdf file 335.52 KB
AGM 2015 Minutes 2014 AGM_2015_Minutes_2014.pdf pdf file 104.81 KB
2014 AGM 2014 Agenda AGM_2014_Agenda.pdf pdf file 113.24 KB
AGM 2014 Candidates AGM_2014_Candidates_standing_for_election.pdf pdf file 228.24 KB
AGM 2014 CCT Trading Accounts CCTT Ltd 2014 final accounts 150914.pdf pdf file 49.14 KB
AGM 2014 Charity Accounts CCT Accounts 2014 final 150914.pdf pdf file 404.56 KB
2014 AGM Minutes of 2013 AGM 2014_AGM_Minutes_of_2013_AGM.pdf pdf file 116.92 KB
2013 AGM 2013 Agenda Final_Agenda_for_2013__AGM.pdf pdf file 119.00 KB
AGM 2013 Candidates AGM_2013_Candidates_Standing_for_Election_to_Trust_Council.pdf pdf file 76.52 KB
AGM 2013 CCT Trading Accounts.pdf CCT_Trading Company_Accounts_2013.pdf pdf file 70.05 KB
AGM 2013 Charity Accounts CCT_Charity_Accounts_2013.pdf pdf file 434.85 KB
AGM 2013 Trust_Council EGM 5th June minutes AGM_2013_Trust_Council_EGM_5th_June_minutes.pdf pdf file 160.74 KB
2012 AGM 2012 CCT Trading Accounts CCT_Trading_Co_Accounts_2012.pdf pdf file 54.28 KB
AGM 2012 Charity Accounts CCT_Charity_Accounts_2012.pdf pdf file 341.17 KB
AGM 2012 Minutes AGM_Oct_ 2012_Minutes.pdf pdf file 169.86 KB

Other Documents

Title File Name File Type Size
Phase 1B Pros LOW RES 21 MAR 2015 Phase 1B Pros LOW RES 21 MAR copy.pdf pdf file 3.12 MB
Memorandum Articles of Association 2013 Memorandum Articles of Association 2013.pdf pdf file 240.83 KB