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Art under Brewery Bridge

Seven weeks of creativity beneath Stroud Brewery Bridge.

Stroud Brewery Bridge has been the scene of seven weeks of detailed draughtsmanship and intricate painting of a series of complex shapes and shadings.
‘Matt the Muralist’ of Gloucestershire based Manifest Geometric Art recently completed this creative marathon.

Mural 1

Local Councils — Local Appreciation — Local Expertise

Grants from Stroud Town Council and Stroud District Council assisted the purchase of materials. Matt’s requirement for a wide range of colours was met by Thrupp based Bailey Paints. The company supplied outdoor grade paints. Matt then mixed the entire gradation of colours on site — ‘by eye’!

Improvement and Enrichment

The aim of the mural project was to improve and enrich the experience of people using the canalside footpath under the bridge carrying the busy A46 Bath road over the Thames & Severn Canal. Many of those pedestrians and cyclists stopped to admire Matt’s work and engage him in a range of admiring, quizzical, congratulatory, and sometimes studious conversations relating to his design and its influences.
CCT Photographer Mike Gallagher has maintained a record of the development of the work. Mike’s interim Facebook publication of the progress attracted over 4,000 views.

Mural 4
Matt explains some of his influences…

“I have been interested in painting patterns since the age of fifteen. I was introduced to constructing Celtic knot work and taught myself to draw it with the help of several books on the subject. This led on to broadening my interest in other forms of cultural art, including Native American, Islamic Hindu and Indian.

“I discovered that most, if not all, cultures share the same construction principles which help create religious architecture such as churches, mosques and temples. These principles are not exclusive to religious buildings and are the foundation for nearly all of modern design, science and mathematics. Geometry has helped me appreciate nature more intensely and I can see that everything mankind has created has been inspired by the natural world.

Mural 3“I have also discovered that geometry is in every part of the material world, both seen and unseen; this includes the obvious patterns to be seen in flowers. One of the best examples is the Sunflower. The photo left clearly shows the double helix pattern, or Phyllotaxis, on the seed distribution.

“The pattern is echoed throughout nature and can even be found in the way planets trace their elliptical orbits around each other and the sun.”

Matt lists the development of his art career

“Two years ago I decided to try to make a full time living from my art. This decision led to two exhibitions of my work in London. I have been invited to various art events including Live Painting at a music event in Southampton. Matt the Muralist

“A street art event organised by Co-LAB of Bristol at The Bearpit in Bristol was particularly rewarding. This led to painting street art prolifically in Bristol in the summer of 2015 — legally I hasten to add!  I have since been commissioned to paint murals by businesses and private clients. I am available to undertake commissions for murals or fine art paintings.”

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