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Ash Logs Auction

Arboreal bounty up for auction

The Cotswold Canals Trust Logman and his team at Eastington have a special treat in store for wood fire aficionados.

An eighty cubic feet hoard of premium grade ash wood logs is being offered for sale by auction.

The picture right shows some of the arboreal bounty prior to being split into hearth sized lengths.

High value timber

The value of Ash as a wood that burns well whether fresh cut or seasoned is described in numerous ‘Logs to Burn’ poems.

Here is the final verse of such a poem…

…ash logs all smooth and grey
Burn them green or old
Buy up all that come your way
They're worth their weight in gold

Join in the auction

If you feel inclined to take the poet’s advice the Eastington Ash will be sold to the highest bidder whose bid is received between today and 12 noon on Sunday 3rd February 2013.

Click here, or on the icon right, to go to the Logman's page to take part in the auction.