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Ash wood auction – The final countdown

Little time to make your bid – A message from The Log Man

The Log Auction reaches its climax this coming weekend – don't forget to make your bid in good time!

To recap – we are auctioning off a 100 cubic feet load of ash; the very best wood for burning on either an open fire or in a log burning stove.

Large volume – high value

The load is 25% larger than one of our standard loads.

The highest bid so far, for this 'the best for burning timber', is just £210!

We are sure it's worth more than that.

Closing date & time

The auction will close at 12noon on Sunday 3rd February.

Bids received after that time have to be ignored. So don't leave it too late.

So, before the gavel falls…

Remember the words of the poet…

…ash logs all smooth and grey
Burn them green or old
Buy up all that come your way
They're worth their weight in gold

Click here  or on the icon right to make your e-mail bid. Good Luck!