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Audio trail along the Cotswold Canals

Cotswold Connections – A report from Eliza Botham

To complement the restoration project a programme of interpretation work is about to commence on an audio trail, way markers and interpretation panel for the towpath between Stonehouse and Brimscombe Port.

To complete the audio project, we need lots of recordings of historians, experts, young people, enthusiasts and people who simply remember the canal.

If you’d like to help – either by recording your own memories or by using the audio equipment to record someone else, we’d love to hear from you.

How an Audio Project works

Hearing people’s stories is fascinating.

The Project Team will make up a plan of work and a list of possible interviewees. Then we need to meet with people and make a recording.

Recording our stories

We will need to:

  • Have their agreement to use the recording and any photos or documents they loan us
  • Find a quiet place to do the recording
  • Have a list of questions ready
  • Collect the recording equipment
  • Download the recording
How you can be involved

Between 2pm and 6pm on Friday 7th October we will be recruiting volunteers for the audio project at the Cotswold Canals Trust Visitor Centre at Wallbridge Lock, Stroud.

Please drop in and chat about what you may have to offer this project.

For more details contact 
Eliza Botham
Project Manager
Cotswold Canals Connections

07850 784 895