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Augustus Turner drawings 1840 – 1880

Previously unseen Stroud sketches 1840 – 1880

An exhibition of drawings by the late Revd Augustus Turner continues on display at the CCT Visitor Centre until 31st March.
(To allay any speculation, Augustus was not related to the famous painter with the same surname!)

This previously unseen collection of pen and ink drawings features views around the Stroud area including Chalford, Rodborough, Minchinhampton, Amberley, Nailsworth, Horsley and Woodchester.

The original drawings were contained in Augustus Turner’s two sketch books now owned by Tim Lapage-Norris a direct descendant of Augustus.

Tim kindly loaned the sketch books to the Cotswold Canals Trust to enable this exhibition to take place.

Augustus Turner is not unknown in Stroud. His magnificent painting of Kearseys Windmill, Minchinhampton can be seen on display at The Museum in the Park.

A preliminary sketch of the windmill is in our exhibition and a modern day watercoloured version of the original windmill sketch is on sale as a greeting card.

Kearsey’s Windmill, Minchinhampton Common — Courtesy of Stroud District (Cowle) Museum

An interesting history

Augustus Turner was born in 1821 in Dorset. Between 1845 and 1848 he was curate at Amberley Church. The 1861 census shows Augustus at Spring Hill, Nailsworth where he is described as a ‘Clergyman without care of souls’. By 1881 Augustus was resident at Dunkirk Manor together with his wife Elizabeth, six children, a nurse, a cook, a housemaid and a kitchen maid. Elizabeth died in 1897 and Augustus on 27 October 1902 aged 81. The couple are buried, together with their son Charles, in Amberley Churchyard, near the lower gate.

Stroud historian Howard Beard assisted with the research into the career and family details of Augustus Turner. Howard also traced the location of each of the sketches before searching into his vast collection of local picture postcards to produce old postcard views of the same location. These postcard views are mounted in the exhibition alongside the Turner sketches.

Exhibition continues until end of March

The Augustus Turner exhibition can be seen during the Visitor Centre opening hours Monday to Friday 10am to 1 pm Saturday 10am to 4pm until 31st March 2017.