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Beer from yesteryear

A report from CCT Press & Media Manager Mike Gallagher

One spin-off from building the new canal bridge is a collection of bottles from the old brewery discovered during excavations.

Stroud brewery sat on the site of the Stroud and Swindon Building Society H.Q. at Wallbridge.

The Malthouse foundations originally adjacent to the brewery are a feature of the new bridge landscaping and will form a nostalgic reference linking canal, brewery and town.

Mladen Dragojlovic from Gloucestershire Highways is photographed holding the latest find with contents intact. 

Mladen said “During the course of the works we have had archaeologists on site during excavation works but no significant archaeological artefacts have been found.

Although not of interest to our archaeologists, we now have quite a collection of bottles but we were really surprised to find a sealed one containing beer. I don’t think we will be opening it to sample it as there is no indication of a sell by date on it!”

Clive Field from the Cotswold Canal Trust said “I think this is an amazing find, who would have thought that when they vacated the site some actual beer would have been left behind, who knows we may find some more and have enough for a party to celebrate the opening of the bridge!”

The Cotswold Canal Trust Visitor Centre overlooks the site of the brewery and the canal bridge construction. It is open Monday to Thursday 10am to 1pm, Saturday 10am to 4pm or whenever the flag is flying. Click on the picture for a close up of the ancient ale.