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Bowbridge — Development & Dredging Report

Dredging — Bowbridge to Arundel Aqueduct

The Land & Water Dredging Team have been busy doing what they do so well between Bowbridge and Arundel Aqueduct.
The dredging is financed by the Gloucester based developers Newland Homes. The company, clearly aware of the attraction of waterside development, have contracted Land & Water to dredge and landscape the 350 metre length of canal along the front of their Bowbridge Wharf development.bowbridge-wharf-cgiWhilst this image is computer generated the indications are that the result of the work in hand will be every bit as impressive.

Big machines for a big job

Land & Water’s 22 tonne ‘Water King’ amphibious excavator has so far scooped 2,000 tonnes of silt from the channel. The big green mud moving machine places the silt into a floating mud hopper which is moved along to its unloading position by a small push tug. When the hopper is in position it can be reached by long reach land based excavator situated up on the bank.bowbridge-dredger-scene-1The long reach excavator operator scoops out the mud filled hold to discharge the muddy wet contents deftly into large tanker wagons for off site disposal.

Timely utilisation of available resources

Stroud District Council’s Canal Restoration team have made good use of the presence of Land & Water. Project leader Dave Marshall has contracted Land & Water to continue dredging in a westerly direction to make the link with Capels Mill. This will enable the final 80 metre channel to be cleared whilst the heavy equipment is still on site.

Days away from completion

L&W’s Site Manager Mike Hill hopes that the bund (dam) at Arundel Aqueduct will be removed by the 14th October. When that job is done Mike’s team will once again load up their equipment and head home to Land & Water’s base in Surrey.

We expect to see Land & Water equipment back with us in the near future in the form of the somewhat smaller amphibious excavator known as a Truxor.

The Truxor is just the right size to clear out the remnants of the road infill in the channel beneath Bowbridge Bridge. Pictured below is Land & Water’s Truxor machine previously used in Stroud.truxor-prep-hr

Development — Bowbridge Wharf and Hollands Row

Thirty six canalside 3-4 bedroom dwellings are taking shape on the site. All will face towards the Thames & Severn Canal. Newland Homes plan to release the first 4 bedroom homes called Hollands Row imminently, and will be holding an exclusive Appointment Only preview event on Saturday 8th October between 11.00am and 3.00pm.hollands-row-bowbridge

The picture above is another computer generated image. The photo below is taken from Bowbridge Bridge and looks towards Stroud. hollands-row-looking-east

The 1960’s photo of Bowbridge Wharf below was taken from the same viewpoint. The picture indicates that the Hollands Row three story terrace has been built on the site of the former Orchard & Peer building at the far side of the industrial buildings that once backed onto the canal.bowbridge-orchard-peer

Bowbridge Bridge

In the meantime, Gloucestershire County Council Highways are nearing the conclusion of their negotiations with Newland Homes regarding access to the Bowbridge Wharf site to enable GCC to complete the reconstruction of Bowbridge Bridge. We will publish updates on this matter as they occur.

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