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Bowbridge Lock Funding Appeal

Trust Chairman launches lock restoration appeal

Cotswold Canals Trust Chairman Mike Guest makes a Restoration Fundraising appeal to Trust Members and non-members alike. The Trust seeks to raise £160,000 through this appeal to Trust Members, Charitable Trusts and Corporate Sponsors.

The letter to Trust members also includes an update on the restoration’s success to date.

Phase 1A Progress Update

Phase 1A of the Restoration, which will restore six miles of canal from The Ocean Stonehouse to Brimscombe Port, is now well advanced.

Bridges & Locks

Ocean Swing Bridge, Chestnut Lane Swing Bridge, Upper Mills Bridge and Stroud Brewery Bridge are all complete.

Ryeford Double Lock and Wallbridge Upper Lock have been restored and gated. Dudbridge Locks will be completed later in the year.

New channel & new contracts

It is expected that the new channel through the railway viaduct at Capel’s Mill will be completed this Spring.

Stroud District Council (SDC), as lead partner in the restoration, will shortly be placing contracts to complete this phase of the restoration as far as Bowbridge Bridge.

Phase 1 Volunteer Section
Bowbridge Lock to Brimscombe Port

The Cotswold Canals Trust will be responsible for restoring the 1.5 mile length of the Thames & Severn Canal between Bowbridge and Brimscombe Port.

This project will largely use volunteer labour to restore and gate five lock chambers; Bowbridge, Griffin Mill, Ham Mill, Hope Mill and Gough’s Orchard.

Dredging the pounds between the locks will also be carried out by the volunteer team.

The chamber of Gough’s Orchard Lock has been restored.

Good progress is being made at Griffin Mill Lock where the offside lock wall has already been restored.

Funding sources

Funding will be a mixture of Phase 1A Project funds aided by a substantial contribution of over £250,000 from the Cotswold Canals Trust.

The Trust has identified Bowbridge Lock as the first element of the Volunteer Project to be funded.

Mike comments “Support for this project, however large or small, will be greatly appreciated.”

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Bowbridge Lock Appeal

Three ways to donate…

By Post

Click here if you are able support the restoration of Bowbridge Lock by making a donation.

Print, complete, sign & post the form together with your cheque (made payable to ‘The Cotswold Canals Trust’), to:

Bowbridge Lock Appeal, Cotswold Canals Trust, Bell House, Wallbridge Lock, Stroud, GL5 3JS

Photos 1 & 2 by Nick Bird – 3rd by Mike Gallagher

The last picture appears courtesy of Brian Ward-Ellison and shows Bowbridge Lock in a derelict state in the 1960's.Photographed by the late Norman L. Andrews.

Bank Transfer

You can transfer a donation directly from your bank to the Trust bank account. The account details are on the donation form.

By PayPal

Click here to go to the PayPal donations page.

Whichever donation method you use, and if you agree, your name will be listed in the The Trow, the Trust quarterly magazine. Please indicate if you prefer to remain anonymous.

A reminder

If you are a basic rate income tax payer you can use Gift Aid to increase the value of your donation at no cost to you!

For every £1 you give the Cotswold Canals Trust can claim back 25p from Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs. So a donation of £20 is actually worth £25 to the Trust. That difference does not cost you anything!

If you pay higher rate tax you may also be able to claim tax relief in your Self Assessment Tax Return. Further information can be obtained at www.hmrc.gov.uk