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Braunston Historic Boat Show

Cotswold Canals Trust – Out & About

Report by David Jowett

Glastonbury Festival takes place on the last full weekend in June as does Braunston Historic Narrowboat Rally & Canal Festival.

This year Glastonbury took a break but the Braunston show went ahead despite fears that water shortages on the Grand Union Canal in Northamptonshire might prove to be a show-stopper.

The Cotswold Canals Trust was invited to take space as usual under cover of a large marquee in the historic marina.

Other charities and traders filled the site but stars of the show were the scores of historic boats that line the towpath and main marina arm.

Highlight of the event

The main highlight was the “organised chaos” of the ‘Parade of Boats’ that takes place daily.

Commentary for the parade is supplied by Cotswold Canals Trust member Norman Mitchell.

Favourite show

David Jowett cites this as his favourite show and said…

“We get a really friendly welcome at Braunston from Tim Coghlan, Libby, Paul and the rest of the Braunston team.

“Not only do they offer us a free pitch but for many years they have also presented the CCT with a cheque for £200 from the profits that they donate to charities like ours”

From the top, the picture right show…

Cheque for £200 being presented
  • Tim Coghlan (marina owner)
  • Tony Hales (Chairman BW / C&RT)
  • CCT’s Sandra & Keith Tidey
  • CCT’s Christine Denton
‘Organised chaos’
  • CCT members Peter Oates & Laura Sturrock on their boat Stanton with parade in ‘full chaos’ behind
  • Moorings through Butcher’s Bridge