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Bridal Boating

Afloat on a boat to the wedding

Andy Bowman conveyed his daughter Katharine to her wedding at St Cyrs Church Stonehouse on Saturday 25th June… by rowing boat!
Andy liaised with the local angling club to utilise an angling platform as an embarkation point close to Katharine’s home on the Wharfdale Road side of the canal.
The first photo shows Andy and Katharine about to board the boat at the temporary wharf.

Skipper Bowman and Katharine

The local swans entered into the romantic spirit of the occasion

Wedding Swans

Experienced navigator

Andy is an experienced and enthusiastic navigator who is normally at the helm on the commercial transport sections of the River Thames in London.
On a recent visit to Gloucestershire to see his daughter he walked along the towpath to Ryeford where he spotted what he described as a ‘pretty rowing boat’.
Andy explains “The following points struck me… Katharine lives close to the canal…. she was to be married to Carl at the canalside St Cyrs Church… the reception was to be held at Stonehouse Court Hotel – canalside… and here was a pretty little rowing boat fitted with a delightful canopy at the stern… then it was only proper that I should row my daughter to the church.

“I knocked on a couple of doors at Ryeford and found the owner of the vessel to be generous and kind. Similar kindness was experienced when my enquiries led me to the Canal Trust HQ and thence on to the local angling club. I thank the Phoenix Angling Club for allowing use of their angling Peg (No 17) as the site for our little temporary jetty. Their generosity and understanding allowed Katharine to board the boat in demure safety.”

Skipper and Katharine arrival

Andy’s continued reconnaissance revealed that the Stonehouse Court Hotel had recently invested in a canoe and boat landing stage.
The structure was installed by Cotswold Canals Trust Volunteers in readiness for its own Trip Boat Perseverance to be utilised for weddings and other celebratory events based at the hotel.

The final photographs show Perseverance recently prepared to receive another bridal party at The Stonehouse Court Hotel.
(Perseverance photos courtesy of CCT Western Trip Boats Manager Rob Burgon)

Perseverance Wedding prepped

Perseverance Wedding prepped 2


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