Bridges & Buildings

Lock No. Structure Status / Type OS Grid Reference
Canal mainly vanished from River Severn to Saul Junction
Framilode Lock
Entry Lock from river Severn. Now on private property
SO 759104
Framilode Bridge
Infilled, was swing
Moor Street Bridge, Saul
Low level fixed, was swing
SO 750100
Stroudwater Lock causeway
Owned by Wycliffe College
Stroudwater/Saul Lock
Owned by Canal & River Trust
Re-gated using  Heritage Lottery Funding in 2016
SO 756093
                                                                                     Crossing with Gloucester & Sharpness Canal at Saul Junction
SO 756093
Start of Restored Cotswold Canals – Phase 1B
Junction House, Saul Junction
Pedestrian swing-bridge. Now fixed in the ‘off’ or ‘open’ position
SO 756092
Saul Junction Marina
Opened 2008
Walk Bridge
Low level fixed, was swing
SO 758089
Whitminster farm bridge
SO 760087
Whitminster Lock
Part restored 1997
SO 760087
Navigate River Frome
Site of Latham Aqueduct
Will probably be a stop lock
Stonepits Bridge
Causeway on site of former swing bridge.
SO 767082
Oil pipeline crosses canal at water level
Occupation Bridge
Restored humpback 1995
SO 770078
A38 Road
New culvert under A38 roundabout
Bristol Road Lock
Buried under edge of A38 roundabout
SO 772072
Canal destroyed by M5 construction from A38 to Westfield Lock
Hyde’s Bridge
Vanished during construction of M5.
SO 774070
M5 Motorway
New culvert (or use River Frome bridge)
SO 776066
New farm access
High level
Westfield Bridge
Restored humpback
SO 780062
Westfield Lock
Infilled, head of lock destroyed by M5 construction
SO 780062
Oldbury Brook crossing and Meadow Mill spillweir
Canal in water
Dock Lock
Restored 1994
SO 782060
Site of dry dock and Canal Company yard on offside
Former Stroudwater Canal Company’s Engineers house and old coal yard, now a private house and garden
Pike Bridge
New high level bridge 2005
SO 783060
Pike Lock
Restored 1991
SO 784060
Slipway access into the canal at Eastington Wharf above lock (former stone wharf)
Blunder Lock
Navigable 1992
SO 786060
Newtown Lock
Navigable 1991
SO 788058
Newtown Bridge
SO 790055
Bond’s Mill Bridge
Glass reinforced plastic lift bridge 1994. Currently fixed with steel deck.
SO 793052
Bristol to Gloucester Railway Embankment
Infilled, proposed navigable culvert on original line.
SO 797051
End of Phase 1B and Start of Phase 1A
The Ocean
Thought to be former fish pond for Stonehouse Court
SO 797050
Ocean Bridge
Swing bridge 2012
SO 798050
Nutshell Bridge
Original humpback bridge
SO 800049
Stonehouse Wharf
Now housing estate on wharf site
SO 803048
Stonehouse Bridge
High level bridge 2000
SO 804048
Upper Mills Bridge
High level fixed bridge 2010
SO 805048
Skew Bridge
Original railway bridge – Stonehouse – Nailsworth line. Now footpath.
SO 806047
Hayward’s Bridge
New high level for Ebley Bypass 2003
SO 809047
Ryeford Bridge
Original humpback bridge
SO 813046
Ford’s Wharf
Restored and improved 2018
Ryeford footbridge
Restored swing footbridge
SO 814046
Former feeder from River Frome
Pipebridge crosses canal
Canal dredged from Ocean Bridge to Ryeford Double Locks 2011
Ryeford Double Lock
Navigable 2010
SO 819046
Ryeford Double Lock
Navigable 2010
Water main for Stroud from Doverow Hill passes under canal above locks
Canal navigable from Ocean Bridge to Ham Mill
Oil Mills Bridge
Rebuilt April 2008
SO 825046
Cloth Mills Bridge
Built 2007
SO 828046
Ebley Mill floodgate
SO 829046
 Ebley Mill pedestrian swing bridge 2013 SO 829046
Hilly Orchard footbridge
High level footbridge
SO 833047
Dudbridge Bridge
New high level (2000)
SO 835048
Dudbridge Lower Lock
Navigable  2013
SO 836048
Hydro scheme built around Dudbridge Locks 2012
Inflow from Ruscombe Brook
Dudbridge Upper Lock
Navigable  2013
SO 837049
Chestnut Lane Bridge
Swing bridge 2012
SO 840050
Lodgemoor Lane Bridge
Lift bridge 2016
SO 843050
Inflow from Painswick Brook
Canal dredged 2014
                                                   Wallbridge Basin (infilled) at end of Stroudwater Navigation
                                                                                        Bankfield House Former HQ of Stroudwater Canal Company
Wallbridge Lower Lock
Navigable 2018
SO 846051
Inflow from Slad Brook
Stroud Brewery Bridge
New high level bridge 2012 on A46
SO 847050
Wallbridge Bridge
Original road bridge
SO 848050
CCT Head Office and Visitor Centre at Bell House
Wallbridge Upper Lock
Navigable 2018
SO 848050
                                                                                                                            Canal to Ham Mill dredged 2016
Dr Newton’s Way Bridge
SO 852047
Capel’s Mill diversion
Railway Viaduct
River Frome aqueduct
Repaired aqueduct over river syphon
Bowbridge Bridge
Restored and navigable 2018
SO 857042
Bowbridge Lock
Navigable 2018
SO 857042
Stantons Bridge
Original humpback bridge
SO 858039
Feeder steam on offside below lock
Griffin Mill Lock
Navigable 2018
SO 858036
Jubilee Bridge
Unusual lattice footbridge
SO 858034
Feeder steam on offside
Ham Mill Bridge
Restored humpback bridge
SO 859032
Ham Mill Lock
Restored and gated 2015
SO 859032
Bagpath Bridge
Original humpback bridge
SO 860029
Hope Mill Bridge
Hope Mill Lock
Buried under car park
SO 863026
Canal obstructed at Hope Mill trading estate at Thrupp
Feeder steam on offside
Gough’s Orchard Bridge
Original humpback bridge
SO 865024
Goughs Orchard Lock
Restored 2007 – 2011
Innovative water feed from river
SO 865024
Canal infilled to and through site of Brimscombe Port
Brimscombe Port to be developed
Brimscombe Hill Bridge
Brimscombe Port Bridge
End of Phase 1A and Start of Phase 3
Bourne Mill Bridge
Original humpback bridge
SO 872021
Change of chamber length from 70 to 90ft to reflect the change of vessel from a Severn Trow or Stroudwater Barge (70ft) to a Thames Barge (90ft).
Bourne Lock
SO 872021
Borne Lock was 90ft long and 16 ft wide to take both types of vessel
Bourne Railway Bridge
Infilled high level bridge originally designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel
SO 873021
Former Bourne Boatyard under Olympic Varnish site
Bourne Bridge
SO 875020
Beales Lock Bridge
Original humpback bridge
SO 878021
Change of chamber width from 16 to 12.5ft to reflect the change of vessel from a Severn Trow or Stroudwater Barge (70ft) to a Thames Barge (90ft).
Beales Lock
SO 878022
Unusually large spillweir on offside to feed Bourne Boat yard
St Mary’s Lock Bridge
Original humpback bridge
SO 886022
Feeder from River Frome into canal for Bourne Boatyard below St Marys Bridge
St. Mary’s Lock
SO 886022
St Mary’s Rail Bridge
Infilled high level bridge originally designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel
SO 886022
Ille’s Mill Bridge
Original humpback bridge
SO 888023
Ille’s Lock
SO 888023
Ballinger’s Lock Bridge
SO 890024
Ballingers Lock
Infilled – buried under grass and garages.
SO 890024
Chalford Round House
SO 891024
Chalford Chapel Bridge
Demolished in 1960’s
SO 892025
Chapel Lock
SO 892025
Canal partly infilled and culverted
Cowcombe Hill Bridge
Buried when dogleg in A419 road straightened in 1930’s.
SO 896024
A419 crossing at Cowcombe Hill, Chalford
Bell Lock
Part infilled by A419, stop planks, masons marks on nearside stonework
SO 896025
Clowes Bridge
Original humpback bridge
SO 899025
Red Lion Lock
Derelict, Masons name at top of offside bottom quoin.
SO 899025
Red Lion Lock to South Cerney Lower Lock shortened to 70ft to save water, with double top gate recesses over arched top cill
Valley Lock Bridge
High level bridge
SO 903025
Valley Lock
SO 904025
Start of Golden Valley
Bakers Mill Lower
SO 913029
Baker’s Mill Bridge
Original humpback bridge – much repaired
SO 914028
Bakers Mill Upper Lock
SO 915028
Former canal reservoir, now privately owned
SO 916029
CCT has ownership of canal from below Puck Mill Lower Lock to above Puck Mill Upper Lock   
Puck Mill Lower Lock
SO 919029
Puck Mill Bridge
Original humpback bridge
SO 920029
Puck Mill Upper Lock
SO 920029
Whitehall Lower Lock
SO 923029
Whitehall Bridge
Original humpback bridge
SO 929029
Whitehall Upper Lock
SO 931030
Bathurst’s Meadow Lock Bridge
Footbridge across tail of lock
SO 934031
Bathurst’s Meadow Lock
SO 934031
Siccaridge Wood Lock
Derelict with offside reservoir
SO 935032
Siccaridge Middle Lock
Derelict with offside reservoir
SO 936032
Siccaridge Upper Lock
Derelict with offside reservoir
SO 937032
Daneway Basin
Private garden, was offside reservoir
Daneway Basin Lock
SO 938033
Daneway Bridge
SO 938034
Daneway Bridge Lock
Infilled, Daneway Inn car park
SO 938034
Start of Summit level 110m (363 ft)
Daneway Portal restored 1995-7 by Canal Trust
SO 943033
Sapperton Tunnel (2.25 miles long) derelict
Coates Portal restored 1975 by Canal Trust
SO 966005
King’s Reach
Tarlton Road Bridge
Original high level bridge
SO 967002
Coates Round House rescued 1991 but still derelict
SO 970000
Railway Skew Bridge
High level main line crossing
SO 971001
Farm causeway blocking canal
Coatesfield Bridge (Trewsbury bridge)
Original humpback bridge
SO 979000
Trewsbury farm bridge
Near Thames source
ST 980995
Thames Head Bridge
ST 985990
Former site of Thames Head pumping station, now private house
Smerrill Aqueduct
Partly vanished
ST 998988
A429 road – Cirencester to Kemble road cuts through aqueduct
Swing bridge
Infilled, west of Ewen Wharf
SU 000985
GWR Bridge at Ewen Wharf
High level crossing, arches infilled
SU 001984
Halfway Bridge
Original humpback bridge, restored 1997 by CCT
SU 001983
Park Leaze Bridge
SU 007985
Canal infilled to Minety Road Bridge
Level Bridge
Canal and bridge vanished
Bluehouse Farm Bridge
Canal and bridge vanished
SU 016992
Ewen Road Bridge
Canal and bridge vanished
SU 022994
Minety Road Bridge
Canal and bridge vanished
SU 024993
Cirencester Arm Junction and canal now mainly vanished and built over
From Summit Level to River Thames
Siddington Upper Lock
SU 030996
Siddington Bridge
Original humpback bridge
SU 030996
Siddington Second Lock
SU 031996
Siddington Third Lock
SU 032996
M&SWJR Bridge
SU 032996
Siddington Lower Lock
Buried under house
SU 033995
Greyhound Bridge
Road causeway
SU 034995
Plummers Farm access bridge
Access causeway
SU 035993
Cowground Bridge
Original humpback bridge
SU 036990
Churn water meadows swing bridge
Fixed swing bridge
SU 039989
Canal crosses ancient water meadows of R. Churn with flood culverts under canal
River Churn Aqueduct
Blown up during WWII training
SU 040988
South Cerney Upper Lock
Infilled (in garden)
SU 046982
Cerney Lock Bridge
Road causeway
SU 046982
Canal infilled from S. Cerney road to Northmoor Lane
South Cerney Middle Lock
Infilled (in field)
SU 048982
South Cerney Lower Lock
Infilled (in field)
SU 049981
Red Lion Lock to South Cerney Lower Lock shortened to 70ft to save water, with double top gate recesses over arched top cill
Northmoor Lane Bridge
SU 051980
Crane Bridge
Road causeway
SU 056976
Boxwell Spring Lock
Restored 1993
SU 057976
Leaks in bed below Boxwell lock and plug hole
Wildmoorway Upper Lock
SU 066974
Humpback Bridge
SU 067974
Wildmoorway Lower Lock
Restored 1996 by CCT, Only T&S lock with side pond
SU 071972
Wildmoorway Lock Bridge
Original humpback bridge
SU 071972
End of Phase 3 and Start of Phase 2
Spine Road Bridge
Rebuilt 2003
SU 072971
Cotswold Water Park and new visitor centre
Canal dredged between Spine Road bridge and Cerney Wick Lock 2010
Cerney Wick Round House
Cerney Wick Lock
Restored 1980s
SU 079961
Cerney Wick Bridge
Road causeway
SU 079961
Latton Basin – junction with derelict North Wilts Canal
SU 087954
Weymore Bridge
Under restoration 2016
SU 088953
Latton Culvert
New A419 culvert (temporarily buried)
SU 092952
Latton Lock
Buried under A419
SU 095950
Canal destroyed at A419 Cricklade bypass
Cricklade Wharfhouse
Kempsford Lane Bridge
Proposed road causeway
SU 101948
Ampney Brook Aqueduct
Proposed aqueduct over brook
SU 110944
Eisey Manor Bridge
Access causeway
SU 113944
Canal part vanished at Ampney Brook
Eisey Lock
Restored 2008 – 2011 by visiting groups
SU 121951
Eisey lock cottage
Rucks Bridge
Original humpback bridge. Restored by CCT
SU 122953
Canal part vanished to, and beyond, Kempsford village
Marston Meysey Bridge
Original humpback bridge
SU 131963
Marston Meysey Round House
SU 131963
Crooked Bridge
Road causeway
SU 137964
Blackgore Bridge
Road causeway
SU 144965
Oatlands Bridge
Original humpback bridge
SU 148968
Kempsford swing bridge
Kempsford Bridge
Road causeway
SU 160966
Green Lane Bridge
Access causeway
SU 169966
Hamfield Bridge
SU 179972
Dudgrove swing bridge
Access causeway
SU 189976
Dudgrove Bridge
Access causeway
SU 195978
Dudgrove Double Lock
Upper Chamber Derelict
SU 198979
Dudgrove Double Lock
Lower Chamber Derelict
SU 198979
Inglesham Round House Bridge
Original humpback bridge
SU 204987
Inglesham Lock
Being restored by WRG
SU 204987
Inglesham Round house
In private ownership
SU 213993
Confluence of River Thames and River Coln
T & S Company wharf at Lechlade