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Brimscombe Port – Outline Proposals

Brimscombe Port Outline Planning Proposals

An exhibition of Stroud District Council's Outline Planning Proposals can be viewed at the Cotswold Canals Trust Wallbridge Lock Visitor Centre. Six panels of information and artist’s impressions will be on display until Saturday 12th February. 

SDC’s Public Relations representative Dave Marshall explains, “We used the panels in a very positive consultation with local residents at Brimscombe last week.

The Island Option proved to be the favourite. Having the display at the Canal Visitor Centre will allow more people to understand our aims."




"It should be understood that the drawings represent an outline of the proposal and are by no means the finished article. The proposals have been formulated to form the basis for an Outline Planning Application. If the application is approved then this will open the doors for developers to expand the concept."

Click here to download a printable PDF

 Some of the Key Features
  • 95 -100 % of buildings orientated to give views over water
  • Central island recreates historical port layout
  • Total floor area of 290,000 sq ft
  • Employment: Retail /Commercial at ground floor (15,200 sq ft) located below apartment buildings (= 70 jobs)
  • Business Park: Retention of Port Mill for offices and 16,000 sq ft of business space totalling 33,000 sq ft (= 160 jobs)
  • Existing businesses: Can be accommodated within the new development
  • Hotel: There is scope for a 4 storey 50 bedroom hotel (= 25 jobs)
  • Residential and Live Work units: 214 flats (650 sq ft each) and 20 town houses of 1,500 sq ft each (= 20 jobs)
  • Assumes up to 30% affordable housing, depending on viability
  • Most flats to be in buildings of up to 5 floors. New flats on Port Mill side to be 3 storeys
  • Leisure: Cafes and restaurants totalling 22,800 sq ft located on the ground floor of apartment buildings (= 160 jobs)
  • Boat weighing machine: The only surviving boat weighing machine in the country will be located in the basin area
The following considerations had to be taken into account in producing the proposals
  • Historic layout – boundaries, water and existing buildings
  • Funding – the Heritage Lottery Fund requires the project to reflect its heritage
  • Size – Brimscombe Port is quite small, covering an area of 4.38 hectares (10.82 acres)
  • Access – the existing access is built on the line of the canal
  • Much of the site is well below the A419
  • Flooding – the site lies in the river flood plain. Any design must improve on, or at least maintain, the existing situation
  • Engineering – a huge amount of infrastructure work is needed in the early stages
  • Contamination – there is mild contamination resulting from its industrial past
  • Planning – the site is in a Conservation Area and must meet certain standards of design, appearance and materials
  • Use – the new development must contain a mix of retail, residential, leisure, employment and community buildings
  • Viability – any development must be viable and deliver a profit to the developer