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Calling Creative Gardeners!

Create a ‘Lockery‘ in your garden

A unique opportunity to artistically recycle sections of long defunct lock gates.

Creativity & Imagination

Ian Moody, Canal Volunteer Coordinator with Stroud District Council, was with his team at Brimscombe Port recently when they discovered these interesting chunks of lock gates. Ian, being a creative and imaginative fellow, recognised the potential for these quirky artefacts to make attractive garden features. 

Click here, or on the image below, to download a pdf showing five of the eight sections
If you are similarly blessed with Ian’s eye for an interesting artefact then do pop along to view them at Brimscombe Port.
The Book Shop staff will accompany you to a nearby compound for you to make a selection and offer.
The sum of those offers will of course go towards the canal restoration project.
Customer collects.These pieces will need two people to lift.