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Canalside Geocaching Update

Steve White sets new geocache challenges

Steve White introduced Geocaching to the Stroudwater & Thames & Severn Canals in 2012. Geocaching is a hi-tech, outdoor treasure hunt that utilises smartphones equipped with Global Positioning software.

The pastime is now so popular that despite the lashing rain and wind of the summer of 2012 local geocachers were out within hours looking to be the first to find Steve’s series of new caches.

History, memories & wildlife

Over the last nine months seven new geocaches along the Stroudwater Canal from Newtown Lock to Oil Mills Bridge have been discovered between 50 and 60 times each.

The trail highlights features and places of interest along the towpath. Visitors to the caches sometimes post photographs to prove they found the cache.

One visitor spotted the large pike pictured below. Others have left notes and comments that indicate the depth and variety of their experiences… some of the comments are listed below…

  • “Wow, this has changed so much since I last passed through. The canal wasn't even there! Loads of fond memories for me on this series, just great.”

  • “Nice easy find on a sunny day. We were lucky enough to operate the bridge to save the Canal Trust volunteers getting off and on their work boat.”
  • “Very interesting place, after the cache was found, we had the pleasure of two swans swimming on the canal. They took off rising just over our heads.”
  • “Something I have been meaning to do for a long time. Took the Cotswold Canals Trust Information Leaflet to read later, they certainly are investing a lot to make the canal fantastic.”
  • “Second of the series and another good hide. Back in the 60's my school sent me for work experience for a week in an office just inside the main Bond Mills gate; it was Sperrys in those days.”
  • “I got my dad’s torch and spotted it quickly, but needed his help to retrieve. It's starting to get dark… one more to find before home time!”
Fun for all ages

Steve explains, “Geocaching certainly seems to attract all ages. One of the first to discover my new caches was a retired gentleman whose wife thought he was mad to be venturing out in such poor weather.

"A young family with child in a buggy were also out and about searching for the caches. This geocache trail has brought many people to the canal who may not have ventured this way.

"They are clearly enjoying the recently restored towpath. It is now an excellent walking or cycling surface providing an enjoyable experience all year round.”

Steve concludes with some further encouragement…

“Why not use your GPS enabled smart phone to take you on new adventures to places you might otherwise miss. My geocaches are not the only ones along the Cotswold Canals. There are many more along the route with yet more in the planning. So give it a go… you may have fun and want to find even more!”

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