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Canoeing at Capels Mill

Canoe capers at Capels Mill

Rail passengers entering and leaving Stroud had a fleeting opportunity to enjoy a colourful water-borne display on Saturday morning 23rd November.

New experience on new water

Twelve members of Stroud Valley Canoe Club led by teacher Tony Chalk were paddling on the newly available stretch of water at Capels Mill. Their ages ranged from 10 to 55.

Click here or on the top picture to get a larger view of the scene.

Tony explains, "Saturday was an experiment actually, we needed to try out the slalom course for a competition fun day we are hosting.

"This piece of new water at Capels Mill provides a great experience. It is like canoeing in a canyon with the railway viaduct on one side and the concrete pillars on the other side"

The Christmas Slalom Fun Day

A day of fun competitions shared with Cheltenham Canoe Club will be held on the canal at Capels Mill on Saturday December 14th.

Seven different competitions are planned:

  1. The Twister
  2. Hoopla Relay
  3. David and Goliath
  4. Synch or Swim
  5. Double Trouble
  6. Tug Me Hug Me
  7. The Mint with the Hole
Click here to see CCT Mike Gallagher's water level pictures of Saturday's fun afloat
Good views of the activities will be available from the foot path high above the water.
Community benefit

SDC's Dave Marshall comments… "The canal restoration project is for the benefit of the whole community, so we are pleased to see it being used by as many people as possible.

"Obviously, the waterway isn’t really available for bigger boats yet, but canoes and other pleasure boats are just as important.

"Not only that, but Capels Mill is the ideal place for canoes – where else can you see them at eye level?!

"We are pleased to announce that early next month, about a dozen youngsters from Stroud Canoe Club will be the first boaters to use Dudbridge Upper (Foundry) Lock in over 60 years."

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