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Capels Mill Progress Report No. 5

Closer, ever closer, to a canal connection!

The photographs in this report feature progress at Capels Mill on the eastern side of the railway viaduct.

The pictures concentrate on the bore piled retaining wall and its concrete capping to the east of the railway viaduct. 

The view to the West

The foreground of the first picture shows the formwork being assembled around the reinforcing steel cage. This will be followed by the contiguous pouring of concrete to create the capping.

The group in the background is busy revealing the tops of the concrete piles and their reinforcing bars in readiness for the formwork team following closely behind.

The next picture shows a length of the completed capping. The steeply sloping ground to the left will be excavated down to the level of the new canal channel at the foot of the viaduct.

The capping wall will be back filled and landscaped up to the higher ground.

Spectacular views to the South

When the landscaping is complete walkers will enjoy spectacular views across the valley to Rodborough.

The Veolia Environmental Trust, which awards grants through the Landfill Communities Fund using tax credits provided by Veolia, has funded two CCT canal-side benches to be installed on the site.

The Executive Director of The Veolia Environmental Trust, McNabb Laurie, says,

“I hope the benches provide walkers and people enjoying the canal with a place where they can sit and appreciate the landscape.”

Visitors will be able to pause awhile to enjoy the view in comfort thanks to the funding organisation, which supports community and environmental projects across the UK. 

The view to the North

The third picture shows the capping already in place. The square cavities will house 155 millimetre diameter steel tubes.

The tubes will guide multi strand anchor cables as they are driven at an angle of 35 degrees to a depth of 35 metres into the higher ground above.

Once in position concrete grouting will be pumped in to surround and secure the anchors.

The foreground of this picture shows a tantalising glimpse of water in the existing canal!

Looking toward the East – and the future

The final view was taken by swinging the camera around 180 degrees.

This reveals the pipe & sheeting dam that holds back the water in the original line of the canal. It is at this point that the new canal channel will join up with the old.

Recommended Reading

Some might find it interesting to read early reports of the Capels Mill Project.

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Public Open Days – Dates & Times

Public open days will be held at Capels Mill on Friday 14th September (1pm – 4pm) and Saturday 15th September (10am – 1pm).

Engineers on site

Engineers involved in the project will be on hand to answer questions.
Note: There is no car parking on site and sturdy footwear is recommended!

Further Recommendations

The Capels Mill site is well worth a visit. Why not first call in at the Wallbridge Lock Visitor Centre to get an overview?
This will put the Capel's Mill project into context, as will the short walk along the newly surfaced towpath towards Dr Newtons Bridge. 

CCT Canal-side Corporate / Commemorative Benches

To find out more click here