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Capels Mill Progress Report No. 8

Capels Mill Update

The Alun Griffiths Construction team is back on site at Capels Mill after a well-earned seasonal holiday.

Project Manager Simon Dunn explained progress at the site on 16th January.

Water Level Reassurance

Simon explained, “Since we allowed water to fill the fifty meters length from the road bridge to the water main crossing we have had many questions regarding why the water is up to, and sometime over, the new towpath.

"This is because there is a length of silted and weed filled canal between our site and Wallbridge Upper Lock. This is holding the water back at a higher than normal level.

"It will not be too long before we are through the navigation arch of the viaduct and into the new channel on the eastern side of the project”

Anchors in the east – again

To the east of the railway viaduct fifty three ground anchors hold back a contiguously piled wall. This wall will form the northern side of the new length of canal.

Picture two (above right) shows two members of the Nottinghamshire based pile driving specialists Van Elle Ltd. jet washing the concrete capping.

There is always one!

Many things in life can generate the frustrated assertion… ‘There is always one that creates a problem.’

In this case it was the very last one! The fifty third ground anchor has created the need for some engineering alternatives.

Simon explains,“We drove into a seam of gravel about 20 metres in on the last one.

"The gravel just kept collapsing in on the bore. We have the solution; it will just take a little more time that’s all.”

High level work – 35ft deep

The cleaning up and remedial work on the retaining wall is being carried out well above the level of the new canal channel. Thirty five feet above actually! (at the highest point.)

The excavations for the channel have already started.

Material, from what was once deep inside Stroud’s domestic rubbish tip, is being removed from the face of the concrete piles throughout the length of the wall. 

 Photos by CCT's Mike Gallagher 
Click here to  view the full set

The excavator can be seen working at what will be the canal water level when the channel is complete.

Next chapter

The next Capels Mill update should show the beginnings of the concrete channel winding through the navigation arch and around the foot of the fully revealed wall.