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Capels Mill Report No. 11

Capels Mill Update 3rd May 2013

Two significant pieces of information form the basis of this update report from Project Manager Dr Simon Dunn.

A) The recent improvement in weather conditions has meant that the Abergavenny based team have been able to put their wellington boots away

B) Public Open Days are planned for Friday 10th & Saturday 11th May

Channel complete

The report published on 27th March described the ‘halfway point’ of the creation of the concrete canal channel. That channel is now essentially complete.

Simon Dunn explains, “We needed to take the canal close alongside the River Frome.

"Well over 200 tonnes of steel reinforcing bar and timber formwork provided the structure to allow the pouring of 3,600 tonnes of concrete to create the channel.

“We are very pleased with the way that this been put in place. Capels Mill is an environmentally sensitive site and the teams have had some challenging access and ground condition issues to deal with.”

West to East

Mike Gallagher's pictures take us through the site from west to east.

Picture one presents the view from Dr. Newton’s Way Bridge towards the railway viaduct shortly before the water was pumped out.

Dam beneath the bridge

A temporary dam has been installed beneath the road bridge. This has allowed the water to be pumped into the reach above Wallbridge Upper Lock.

Fish rescue

A local angling club was on hand to rescue the fish.

Removal of the water revealed the blue clay bund/dam that follows the line of the Severn Trent water main where it passes under the canal. 

Picture two shows the blue clay being used to puddle/seal the bottom of the canal channel. This will continue as far as the viaduct. 

Picture three takes us through the navigation arch and into the 1.7metres deep concrete channel.

When the canal is in water boats will navigate in 1.5metres depth of water. Simon Dunn hopes that this will occur before the end of May.

"We are constantly being asked when we will be finished here.

"It is going well as you can see and we are aiming to demobilise at the end of May, or just after!

But before that happens…

Click here to see more of Mike Gallagher's photo set

Look very closely to spot the 'local character' waiting for the water and some fish!

A once in a lifetime opportunity

There will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to walk IN the brand new length of canal channel at Capel’s Mill next weekend (10th and 11th May).

Stroud District Council’s Dave Marshall explains…

“The public are invited on to the site to view the £3m scheme, which involved creating 330m of new canal through a sloping area which was once used as a rubbish tip. The original line of the canal here disappeared in the 1980s, when Dr Newton’s Way was built. Much of the new canal has been built in concrete, with the public able to walk in the channel along its entire length.

“This will be a unique and exciting experience,” said Cllr Roger Sanders, the council’s Executive Member for Regeneration. “People driving and walking past the site have seen the enormity and complexity of the work, but not had a chance to get on it. Once water is let in, there will never be another chance to walk in the canal. This will be a real eye opener – and something to tell the grandchildren in years to come!”

Click here, and here, or on the images below for a printable poster and a copy of SDC’s Press Release.