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Capel's Mill Solutions – Exhibition Update

Exhibition Update – A report by Dave Marshall

A solution to the problem of re-opening the canal through Capel's Mill in Stroud was on show to the public between Thursday and Saturday at The Brunel Mall, Stroud.

Plans and pictures detailing the construction constraints and engineering answers were on display. Restoration Project Staff answered questions and noted concerns. 

Dave Marshall, spokesman for Stroud District Council which is leading the whole project, said: “We were pleased with the exhibition; over five hundred people came along.

The majority of them offered support and encouragement for the restoration project.

The recurring question related to the access from Rodborough into Stroud and to Waitrose Supermarket.

There was a perception that the canal would cut off access.

This of course is not the case.

A footpath will be re-routed and it adds a matter of just two hundred or so metres to the walk.”

Visitors Reassurred

Mr Marshall further commented that many people were reassured by the fact that the canal restoration will leave in place stones showing evidence of the historic mill's presence and position. 

The remaining mill building within the railway viaduct will be similarly protected.

Exhibition Extracts at Canal Visitor Centre

A selection of posters from the display have been made available to the Cotswold Canals Trust Visitor Centre at Wallbridge Lock.

They will be on display at the centre from Tuesday 7th June.

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