Woolpack at Wallbridge

The crew of the cruiser Woolpack called in for lunch at Upper Lock Café Woolpack’s skipper Peter Benn is pictured at the wheel at Wallbridge on Saturday. The current infrequency of other pleasure boat traffic on the Thames & Severn Canal mean that it was ok for Peter to tie up in the lock chamber […]

Dredging Progress Report

History made again Four work boats made the journey from Wallbridge Lower Lock to Bowbridge Lock and beyond on Monday 11th & Wednesday 13th December 2017. The 2017 boats were… ‘Dredger No. 5’ (also known as ‘Augustus Gloop’) propelled by the Stroud Valleys Canal Company (SVCC) workboat ‘Wookey Hole’ operating in tandem with ‘Annette II’. […]

Bowbridge — Development & Dredging Report

Dredging — Bowbridge to Arundel Aqueduct The Land & Water Dredging Team have been busy doing what they do so well between Bowbridge and Arundel Aqueduct. The dredging is financed by the Gloucester based developers Newland Homes. The company, clearly aware of the attraction of waterside development, have contracted Land & Water to dredge and landscape […]

Cheapside dredging is underway

The Cheapside dredging team are in Stroud The Land & Water Services Dredging Team returned to Stroud on Monday the 14th March. Their task is to open up the currently clogged canal channel between Wallbridge Upper Lock and Dr Newtons Way Bridge. Mobilisation Day at ‘Stroud Town Wharf’ Land & Water's Contract Engineer Mike Hill has […]