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Merrywalks Bridge Bulletin No.32

Merrywalks Bridge Update No. 32 The extreme cold continued at the beginning of the week, however, we are now enjoying some much needed warmer temperatures. The concrete was poured for the North West wall on Tuesday 9th. This has now completed both bridge walls. In addition the last section of the towpath wall inside the bridge […]

Merrywalks Bridge Bulletin No. 31

Merrywalks Bridge Bulletin No.31 It has been extremely cold at the Merrywalks Bridge site during the last week. Even though temperatures have been sub zero the bridge construction has continued to progress. Last Friday the concrete was poured to the South West wall. This completed the whole of the bridge south wall.  Frost blankets and heaters […]

Merrywalks Bridge Bulletin No. 30

Merrywalks Bridge Bulletin No.30 Concrete was poured on Friday 19th November. This completes the Slad Brook Culvert Headwall up to what will be the finished footway level. This week steel fixing has been completed on the South West wall along with the shutters.                           […]

History Hunt

Jim is on a History Hunt Cotswold Canals Trust member Jim White has donned his deerstalker hat, picked up a magnifying glass and set out on a hunt for some elusive evidence of 1700's lock gates & lock-gear engineering. Can you help him in the hunt for paintings, plans or photographs of Stroudwater Navigation Locks? Jim, […]

Merrywalks Bridge Bulletin No.29

Merrywalks Bridge Bulletin No.29 – An Update from Nigel Edgeworth Following the flooding experienced last week, the pumping capacity has been increased and all is now under control.  This week has seen the completion of the bridge base. Steel fixing has continued on the final section of the south wall and also for the concrete […]

Merrywalks Bridge Bulletin No. 28

Merrywalks Bridge Bulletin No. 28 – An Update from Nigel Edgeworth Site Flooded Monday saw a bad start to the week when the works became flooded following heavy rain over the weekend.  The water level had reached a depth of approximately 2m.  The contractor brought additional pumps in on Monday to drain the area. Tuesday […]