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Cerney Wick Dredging @ An update

Cerney Wick Dredging – An update from Mike Hynd and John Maxted

The dredging of the canal bed from Spine Road to Cerney Wick Roundhouse, begun by CCT volunteers in early September, has had a recent boost. 

Gardiners Construction of Eastcombe near Stroud have very generously provided men and machines to level and profile the offside bank of the 3/4 mile length. This work has revitalised the Cerney Wick dredging project.

Cotswold Canals Trust Construction Director Mike Hynd explains…

“The project is a fine example of cooperation and teamwork between a number of organisations; professional and voluntary. The site is crossed by a 33,000-volt electricity supply to Cirencester!

We worked with Southern Electric Power Distribution PLC (SEPD), which operates the electricity distribution network to some 2.9 million customers across central & southern England. SEPD needed to install a new transformer for a 132kv supply to Cirencester. Its construction has been ongoing for the past 12 months or so.

During this time Cirencester has had to be fed via the 33 kv standby link which crosses the canal. The completion and commissioning of the new transformer allowed the 132 kv supply to be restored which then allowed them to dispense with “our” 33kv supply between 6th and 19th December. This mean that it was once more available as a standby supply for Cirencester during the Christmas break."

Mike Hynd is currently negotiating with two more organisations who have expressed interest in voluntary contributions to this project.  

Praise from the Project Manager

CCT volunteer John Maxted, the Project Manager for the Cerney Wick dredging programme was full of praise for the Gardiners operatives.

“The work was completed in less than two weeks through the skill and care of the machine drivers.

The result is an offside bank that looks like a canal bank once more. It is a pleasure to the eye, given its appearance before work started.

Phil Chidley and Adam Wilson worked enthusiastically and conscientiously to achieve a result that is a credit to them, frequently seeking clarification that what they were doing was right. The only part they were not able to complete was the final levelling of the spoil mounds adjacent to the dredging. The material from the canal bed was too 'gloopy' to make that final activity practical. The spoil needs to drain before any further movement.”

More good feedback for Gardiners Construction

Rob Sinfield, Gardiners Business Development Manager, takes up the story…
“While I was on a site visit to South Cerney I spoke with walkers on the canal tow path. They were very enthused by the work they could see Gardiners doing on the opposite bank. It is very clear to see the before and after of the work going on. The graded banks are going to look so much better.

Operating the yellow digger is Adam Wilson from our Eastcombe Head Office and the orange one is Phil Chidley, based at our Ludlow Depot.

Gardiner’s Civil Engineering Division specialises in rivers and canals. At the time of working at South Cerney, we were also busy on projects for the Kennet and Avon Canal. We are also hoping to start soon with the Cotswolds Canal Restoration project, in and around Stroud.”

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