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Chestnut Lane Bridge report

Chestnut Lane Swing Bridge in place

Steel erectors & installation engineers from bridge manufacturers Littlehampton Welding are currently engaged in the assembly of the new swing bridge across the Stroudwater Navigation.

Chestnut Lane (formerly known as Gasworks Lane) provides access to Howdens Joinery and other businesses in the trading estate beyond.

New mechanism – original appearance

Whilst the bridge will be electro-mechanically operated and capable of carrying 44 tonne vehicles, it has been designed to appear very much like the original manually push operated bridge.

Contractor Galliford Try’s Richard Scott explained…

“The bridge has been manufactured by a top bridge fabrication company – Littlehampton Welding. The superstructure had to arrive here in a great number of component parts due to its size and weight.

“We will soon be installing the lifting barriers and traffic signals either side of the bridge. We are taking care to install the flashing lights in such a position that they are not intrusive to the occupants of local houses."

Tributes & challenges

Richard went on to pay tribute to the local residents and businesses…

”They have been really pleasant to work with… they all seem to understand and appreciate the benefit of the restored canal as well as the challenges we have had to deal with."

Those challenges included abnormally high water levels, restricted access to the construction area as well as re-routing of gas, water & electricity mains. Work is expected to continue into September.

Photos by Mike Gallagher