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Christmas Gifts in stock

Colourful Christmas presents now available

Rose & Castles painted in vibrant colours once enhanced the inside and outside of the canal boats carrying cargo around England.

There are a number of theories about the origins of this idiosyncratic style of decoration.

Still appreciated

As historic as those origins might be the attraction of artefacts decorated in this distinctive folk art style remains current today.

Customer enquiries

Visitor Centre staff have recently received customer enquiries as to ‘When will the Christmas canalware stock be in?’

The Cotswold Canals Trust is fortunate to have Jane Clements (pictured right) as a member.

A boater herself, Jane is regularly searching for interesting items to decorate. 

CCT Stock Purchasing Manager Jill Field recently visited Jane at her studio in Wiltshire.

The result of Jill's shopping spree is a selection of top quality canalware now available for you in Gloucestershire!

Guild member

The quality of the goods is ensured by the fact that Jane is a member of the Waterways Craft Guild.

Where to find your canalware

A range of painted tea-pots, candle pots, watering cans, coasters, bookmarks, hair brushes and greetings cards are now on display in the visitor Centres at Wallbridge in Stroud and Saul near Frampton on Severn.

Click on the Centre names above for directions to each.

Take it away on the day 

Whilst the Trust offers calendars, Christmas cards, books and maps for online purchase we cannot send delicate and bulky painted ware items through the post.

This means you will need to pop into one of the Centres to make your canal ware gift purchases.

Visitor Centre – Saul display
Find out about canal art

To find out more about art associated with the canals click on Canal Art and Waterways Craft Guild or on their respective icons below.