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Community Consultation No. 4


Forty six people attended the Saul to Stonehouse Waterway Restoration Exhibition at Stonehouse Community Centre on Saturday 20th June. Once again the vast majority of the questionnaires completed expressed solid and enthusiastic support for the restoration of the navigation between Saul Junction and Stonehouse.

Questions & Statements

Consultation Project Leader Val Kirby commented “It is so interesting to deal with the range of questions and statements of support we are receiving at these sessions. The Stonehouse people seemed very well informed already.”

Val also noted that the role of volunteers in the restoration project to date obviously impressed and interested many of Saturday’s visitors. Others expressed surprise that volunteers will play a major part in cutting the new navigation channel along what is referred to as ‘the missing mile’.

Another member of the Exhibition Team reported that the supporting comments were often simple straightforward ‘Please get on with it’ statements, whilst the questions were more often than not in the ‘When will it be finished?’ category.


Evidence of Volunteering

CCT’s Andy Berry was kept busy chatting about the video and photos displayed on the Trust’s Modular Display Unit at the exhibition. (See top left of picture)

Andy commented, “I always try to include the fact that everything they are looking at is the work of volunteers, by that I mean the video and the photographs are taken by volunteers, the technical presentation on the display screen is created by another volunteer and the big poster boards are the work of yet another volunteer.”

(Andy Berry, known for his modest manner, probably did not include the fact that he was the volunteer who applied his practical skills to manufacture the modular display unit itself.)

More memberships

Five Stonehouse residents found the ‘writing desk’ element of the display system useful as they signed up as members of the Cotswold Canals Trust.

Eastington Next

The next Saul to Stonehouse Restoration Exhibition will be between 2pm & 6pm on Saturday 27th June at Eastington Village Hall, Millend Lane, Eastington, GL10 3AT.

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