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Cotswold Canals Trust receives new equipment supported by Crapper and Sons

Cotswold Canals Trust receives new equipment supported by Crapper and Sons

Cotswold Canals Trust (CCT) was delighted to recently receive a new van and other equipment for canal maintenance with support from Crapper and Sons Landfill Ltd.

The donation was provided under the ENTRUST scheme via the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF),  an innovative tax credit scheme enabling operators of landfill sites in England and Northern Ireland to contribute money to organisations such as CCT enrolled with ENTRUST as Environmental Bodies.

The generous support has enabled our CCT Eastern Division to purchase a Transit van and Trailer together with a chainsaw and five strimmers. The equipment will be used for canal and towpath maintenance. Tasks undertaken by our volunteers using this equipment include:

  • Removal of spoil and fallen trees enhancing the canal environment and providing free access along the towpath for walkers, cyclists and disabled users;
  • Moving ballast and feather boards for towpath repair and extension allowing visitors a safe and enjoyable route next to the canal;
  • Supporting grass cutting mechanised machinery as it is used in sections along the 36 miles of canal to ensure the towpath remains accessible and control of invasive species;
  • Moving heavy materials such as protective grills and supports to be installed for pedestrian safety along the canal and associated spill weirs, bypass and other water ingress/egress points.

Crapper and Sons operate landfill sites and refuse disposal facilities near Wootton Basset close by the CCT Eastern Depot at Alex Farm near Crichlade, Swindon. The family run business still has links to the famous inventor and manufacturer of the flushing WC Thomas Crapper. The company even starred in a recent Silent Witness programme on BBC One’s prime-time crime drama Silent Witness, with scenes of the forensics team unearthing body parts from the landfill debris.


Left to right: Peter Bowden, Thomas Crapper and Sons Ltd along with Jim White, Cotswold Canals Trust Chair


Left to right: Sue Paine – CCT Volunteer, George Walker – Crapper and Sons Ltd, Leonie Asquith  – CCT Trust Council, Peter Bowden – Thomas Crapper and Sons Ltd, Adye Goodenough – CCT Volunteer, Jim White – CCT Chair, John Allan – CCT Trust Council, Will Foster – CCT Volunteer