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Council grants aid restoration

Stroud Town Council grant aids canal restoration

Cotswold Canals Trust recently made a successful application to Stroud Town Council for £15k funding to facilitate the purchase of a mud barge.

Restoration – just part of the story

Ken Burgin Chief Executive explains, “Restoring a canal is only part of the story. A restored canal must then be maintained.

"We were delighted by the Town Council’s response to our funding application and of course by their obvious recognition of the benefit the restoration will bring to the town. In fact it may be that we are able to source a pair of barges. The fact is, the two barges the Trust currently use came to us second hand in 1981 and the steel is getting very thin” (See pic right)

Stroud District Council grant also assists

Stroud Valleys Canal Company (SVCC) has also been fortunate to receive a grant of up to £25k from Stroud District Council to secure a variable reach digger.

Such a machine could work alongside, or even on, a mud barge. This equipment will hopefully be deployed in the restoration of the next phase of the project, Saul Junction to Stonehouse.

Moving up a gear

"SVCC is moving up a gear as we assume a greater role in the management and maintenance of the canal, reports Peter Best, current Chairman.

“With more of the canal restored and open for navigation, the onus is with us to assemble the correct plant in order that we can give the volunteers of the Cotswold Canals Trust the best chance of maintaining what we have been given by the Phase 1A team.

"Although funds are very tight until we can create sustainable income streams through mooring and licences, we are steadily turning our attention to what can be prudently achieved between our two organisations. Significantly a joint maintenance plan has recently been agreed and its speedy implementation is a priority for the coming months. The appointment of a Volunteer Maintenance Director is an important part of this process."

Mud movers and a Maintenance Director – The search is on!

So, the search is on for the means to move some mud and a Volunteer Maintenance Director to ensure it is moved efficiently.