Current Offers


Please note that we have now completed our 2015/16 delivery season.

The 2016/17 season should commence early Autumn, further information on loads and prices will appear here in due course.

From time to time we obtain some good quality logs of various species.

As demand constantly outstrips supply these loads usually comprise unseasoned wood and are, therefore, ideal suited to laying down for future use.

If and when we do, the pricing structure for these “Mixed Premium” loads for the 2016/17 season will be as follows:

36 ft3 load CCT Member £TBA Non-member £TBA
80 ft3 load CCT Member £TBA Non-member £TBA

To order either sized Premium load (when available) please click here: (Hyperlink to order form will be inserted here in due course)

Just now and then we obtain significant volumes of just the one species, of which oak, ash, beech or sycamore are typical examples. If/when we do then information about “Special Offers” for CCT members will appear here.

If you wish to order a ‘Special Offer’ load (when available) then please indicate this clearly on the Order Form.