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Dudbridge Locks Hydro October Update

A report from Project Manager Keith Tibbitts

Thank you to all who have supported the project so far through the energyshare scheme.

Latest News

The scheme obtained Planning Approval on 30th September!

We are on the 'home straight'. That is to say we are in the 'Top 100'.

We now need to maintain our position in the 'Top Ten'!

We are currently in 2nd place just 77 supporters behind the leader!

Consequently we need still more of you to register your support for the Dudbridge Hydro Scheme.

CCT Chief Executive Ken Burgin submitted the Funding Application Forms by 30th September.

The energyshare fund panel will now assess all applications and short-list 10 projects to be put to a public vote to determine who will receive energyshare funding.

It is therefore important that you…

  1. Remain a supporter
  2. Encourage others to register
  3. Be ready to vote in the final Public Vote

Please click on the icon below to go to the Dudbridge Hydro Scheme Page on the energyshare website.

When you get there you will see a red Support This Group button in the top right hand corner. Click on that and complete the box to raise the number of supporters above its current figure of 838 as at 5th October.