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Dudbridge Locks Hydro Project – August Update

A report from Project Manager Keith Tibbitts 

Thank you to all who have supported the project so far through the energyshare scheme. 

We have reached the Official Application stage… But we need still more of you to register your support for the Dudbridge Hydro Scheme.

CCT Chief Executive Ken Burgin has been informed that we have qualified to the stage where we must now complete the Funding Application Forms by 30th September.

Once the Funding Application Forms are submitted, the energyshare fund panel, made up of representatives from energyshare, British Gas, River Cottage and Friends of the Earth will assess all applications and short-list approximately 10 projects to be put to a public vote to determine who will receive energyshare funding.

It is therefore important that you remain a supporter and encourage others to register. 

Everyone's registrations will count this year. In future years only registrations from energyshare customers will be accepted. 

More Supporters Needed!

Your registrations initially placed the project 5th out of about 900. This happened within only about 3 weeks of the first supporters registration round.

But… we have slipped down to 6th position in a field of 941!

We aim to be awarded £100k from energyshare's fund of £500k. So, you can see how important it is that we stay at the top.

If you have not done so already then please go to the energyshare site and register your support by clicking on the energyshare icon below.

How to avoid the 'Comments'

Please note: If you would rather not receive each and every person's comments it is possible to login, go to settings and disable incoming email comments.

You may find it better for discussion type activity to be confined to Facebook or Twitter.

If you have any points you wish to raise you are welcome to email me direct on 

The timing of the final award announcement is yet to be announced… in the meantime, the more support we can get the better!

Click on the energyshare icon below to go to page to register your support.

You can also register your support on the scheme's Facebook page. Click on the icon below.


Project Manager Keith Tibbitts will post regular updates on Twitter.

Click on the icon below to become a follower.