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Dudbridge Locks Restoration

Dudbridge Locks Restoration

Contractors Report No. 1 – 12.07.13
The long anticipated restoration of Dudbridge Locks on the Stroudwater canal is due to commence within the next week.
Principal Contractor appointed

Stroud District Council – lead partner of phase 1A of the Cotswold Canal restoration have appointed ‘Land & Water Services’ as the principal specialist contractor for the project.

Restoration record

The Land & Water team are no strangers to the Cotswold Canals restoration project having completed several successful restoration contracts on the canal over the past two years.

Senior site manager Chris Spencer who will head the site team commented…

‘"We are delighted to be awarded the contract and are looking forward to our return to Stroud"

Canal enthusiast & restoration professional

Chris, pictured right, is a committed canal enthusiast in his own right. He has been a member the Cotswold Canals Trust for some time and was originally involved in the Cotswold Canals restoration as a Waterway Recovery Group volunteer over twenty years ago.

Preparation & planning

Over 100 tons of specialist site equipment is currently being prepared for the contract – everything from offices to excavators, pumps to generators and the long reach excavator pictured below.

Delivery to the site will commence early next week.

Temporary dams will be installed upstream of the top lock and downstream of the bottom lock.

When the dams have been installed the next step will be the dewatering of the locks and canal channel in preparation for the commencement of the detailed restoration works.

September target

The work is expected to take about sixteen weeks. The team will issue contractors reports on a regular basis and an open day is planned for late September 2013.

Towpath restrictions

The towpath between Dudbridge Road Bridge to Chestnut Lane will be Closed for the duration of restoration of the locks.

Dave Marshall of Stroud District Council explains… "There is only a very narrow corridor alongside the canal, which the contractors have to use to get to the canal. Unfortunately, we therefore have to close the towpath for safety reasons while work is underway. We know this is a big inconvenience for people, but we hope they will understand and bear with us.”

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