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Ebley Sewer Tunnel

Tunnel work commences at Ebley

Family business AMC Tunneling of Birmingham have commenced work tunnelling under the canal at the rear of Jay Bee Plant Sales at Ebley. 

Andy McColgan and son Andrew are experienced miners who have plied their subterranean skills all over England and Ireland as well as Taiwan.

The pair are pictured here above the 9 metres deep auger reception pit.

This pit has been sunk in the yard at the rear of Jay Bee Plant ready to receive an Akkerman Auger Boring machine.

High-tech equipment

The laser guided device will force its way through sand, gravel and clay to another pit on the other side of the canal. High level technology allied to the combined skills of the McColgans, and their team of miners, will ensure the 400mm diameter pipe will maintain a fall of 4 millimetres for every metre bored.

A distant goal

The goal is to link up with the main sewer system deep underground in the field on the far side of the canal – some 200 metres away!


That field, by the way, was once yet another of Stroud’s rubbish tips!

Which explained Andy’s very brief one word answer to our question regarding anything that might have been found underground in the course of excavating the Ebley Tunnel!

Update & picture – 03.05.12

Pictured right is the auger cutting head having arrived spot on target.

The next process will be to insert the 400mm inside diameter clay drainage pipes into the 200 metre tunnel.

The pipes are supplied by Barnsley based company Naylor Denlock.

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