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Ebley to Lodgemore Channel Widening

Ebley to Lodgemore Channel Works – Final Report by Chris Spencer

We returned from the bank holiday to complete our works which, in the main, were to complete the loading and removal of of the excavated material.

With that material gone the former stockpile areas have been landscaped and made ready for seeding. See top picture

The work was worth it

It was great to hear that despite the weather conditions the festival was viewed as a success by the people of Stroud.

The Land & Water team were very pleased to see a few boats were still on the waterway after the festival.

It is always a pleasure to see the fruits of our efforts in use.

Although the canal banks currently appear a little bare, the emerging vegetation will take hold over the coming summer, returning the canal to its former glory.

On to the next job

The last of our equipment has been loaded to commerical transport for the onward journey to our next contract.

Picture bottom right

Thank you

We would like to thank everyone for their patience and kind words of support throughout the works.

The team worked some significant hours in order to complete the project within the timeframe given and I would like to express my personal thanks to them.

A final word from Chris Spencer…

"Good luck with the remaining restoration…

And we hope to work with you all again!"

Chris Spencer
Land & Water Senior Site Manager