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Endeavour is at Ebley

Trip Boat Endeavour – The Latest News!

Trust Trip Boat Endeavour now lies at her home mooring at Home Orchard, Ebley.

Appropriately named location

Home Orchard is where Endeavour will be moored when it is not carrying passengers. In marine terminology this is known as its 'Home Mooring'.

'Operational Mooring' or 'Working Wharf'

Passengers will embark and disembark on a new purpose built wharf on the towpath side of the canal near to the Ebley Mill complex.

Click here for a Google Maps view of that location.

Project nears fruition

The nine month long project for a team of Cotswold Canals Trust Volunteers to find and fund a trip boat for the newly navigable section of the Stroudwater Navigation is nearing fruition.

Crew training comes next

Over sixty Trust members have volunteered to staff the operation.

The next stage is to train them in their various roles.

Operations Manager Rob Burgon explains… “We have a number of qualified crew who will receive further training for Endeavour on the Stroudwater. This will allow the trained personnel to be 'mixed & matched' with our recent recruits.

"The restoration of the Stroudwater is on-going. Our teams will need to be familiar with its peculiarities and navigational characteristics.

"For instance, some of our trips will require the operation of Ryeford Double Lock. This means the mechanical movement of nearly eight hundred tonnes of water… and with twelve people floating on top in an eight tonne boat that needs attention, care and skill.

"We will get the operation up and running as soon as possible, all being well on a date in May."

How the day unfolded

An early morning start on Friday 12th April saw Endeavour craned out and loaded onto a lorry at Saul. This was followed by a gentle journey to Bridgend, near Stonehouse where the top team from Ellis Cranes of Brookthorpe craned the boat into the Stroudwater.

Rob celebrated the historic day by steering down to The Ocean before turning around and setting off for Ebley.

Waves & welcomes

Throughout the entire craning-in process and the hour long ‘homeward’ cruise local people waved their welcomes and shouted best wishes.

Another narrowboat to starboard!

Just east of Ebley those waves and shouts came from the very young ‘skipper & crew’ of another narrowboat… the creatively conceived land-bound canal boat that now ‘navigates’ Cainscross Parish Council’s superb playground facility on what local people often refer to as 'Cope-Chat playing field'.

Endeavour's Working Wharf

The first three pictures on the right are part of a set taken by CCT member Nick Bird

Click here to view the full set

Frequently asked question

The most frequent question asked by so many en route was 'When can we have a trip?'

Rob’s response is…. “Soon, we will let everybody know as soon as we are all fully prepared.”

The message is…

The wait will be worth it, there are so many things to see and enjoy at water level when travelling at the natural pace of life… boating pace!

Keep an eye on the website, and of course Twitter & Facebook, for announcements.