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ENews 2008-14

09 May 2008

Good morning, welcome to ENews 2008-14.

The objective of ENews is to advise, inform and update. And maybe even to amuse from time to time.

Please feel free to email with any newsworthy items you would like to be considered for inclusion.

All and any feedback is more than welcome.

Disappointingly I have not been provided with any newsworthy items
relating to progress with the restoration. Hopefully this situation
can only improve in the short term. But.



From a very reliable source comes the news that British Waterways are seeking reimbursement of £1m from their £1.5m "investment" in the restoration.

Further details will appear in this month's waterways press I believe.

It is probably best that I keep my fingers off the keyboard at this point.


Pupils at Brimscombe Primary School are appealing for help with their project to produce a book about Brimscombe Port and the following appeared in the Stroud News & Journal recently:
"Firstly we discovered that there was a Brimscombe Port bank which printed its own money in 1822. There was one of its 1818 guinea notes on display in the National & Provincial Bank in Stroud during the 1960s. The bank has long gone but do any readers know what happened to the note? We would like a picture of it in our book.

"Secondly, in 1831 Mrs Sarah Butler, landlady of the Ship Inn, published a book of her memoirs. Stroud Library has been trying to trace a copy. Does anyone know where we can find one?

"Lastly in 1641, a man named John Taylor, tried to make his way by boat from London via the River Severn from Cirencester. We would like to read his book called John Taylor's Last Voyage and Adventure. Does anyone know where we can find this book?"

I'm not quite certain about the route John Taylor is alleged to have taken, nevertheless if you feel you can help the children with this exciting project then please contact the Headteacher Karen Riordan, phone 01453 882474 or email



If so then you may be interested in a one-off concert by Belshazzar's Feast at Frampton on Severn Community Centre, 7:30pm on Thursday 12 June. Stroud-based Pete Taylor, winner of BBC Radio Gloucestershire's 'Best Solo Folk Performer' award 2007, supports them

You may or may not know that Belshazzar's Feast were the only act to perform at last year's Festival washout; organisers were determined that a scheduled wedding party would proceed despite the conditions and the duo provided the entertainment.

Tickets cost £10 & are available from the Heritage Centre during weekend opening times, or from Jo Heatley on 01531 822362 or email for further information.



For those of you visiting the Festival by boat this year you may like to be aware of a change of policy by British Waterways in relation to the day to day operation of the Gloucester-Sharpness Canal.

Once upon a time the bridge keepers used their traffic lights to indicate to you, the boater that it was safe to proceed.

Not any more!

For reasons best known to themselves BW have instructed the bridge guys n gals not to use the lights on a regular basis. I share the view of a BW employee who said to me, when I asked him what he thought, "Sheer madness. A corporate manslaughter charge waiting to happen".

I'll leave you to judge the position for yourselves, it may be that you would like to express your views on this situation. In Ian Jarvis' absence John Ward is your man;

Meanwhile if you are sat there waiting for a green light then you may be there for some time…


If like me you are sad enough to take your laptop on holiday and want broadband internet connection speeds then have a look at 3 Mobile's Pay As You Go Dongle. I have been using one over the last week or so on a cruise from Sharpness to Stratford via Worcester and it has performed really well wherever we have moored up…so far at least…

I'll happily discuss in more detail with any of you who are interested – 07940 566758 or



Further information about most of these items appears on the Activities page of the 'Connect' Volunteers website at

10th May: Stroud Farmers Market, see Message Board

11th May: Work Party Chalford area, contact details on the 'Work Parties Saul to Daneway' Message Board.

12th May: (NOTE DATE CHANGE) Western Branch monthly meeting at Fromebridge Mill, on A38 roundabout west of M5 junction 13. 7:30pm start, everybody welcome

13th May: Work Action Group Meeting, Saul Heritage Centre 7:30pm start

15th May: Evening Work Parties in the Latton/Cerney Wick area. See 'Work Parties Cerney Latton area' Message Board

21st May: Eastern Branch monthly meeting at the Trout Inn, Lechlade. On the north bank of the Thames by the A417 bridge. 7:30pm start, everybody welcome

22nd May: Evening Work Parties in the Latton/Cerney Wick area. See 'Work Parties Cerney Latton area' Message Board

29th May: Evening Work Parties in the Latton/Cerney Wick area. See 'Work Parties Cerney Latton area' Message Board

31st May/1st June: Roadshow at Gloucester Antiques & Collectables Fair in the Docks. Help is required here, please, and Susie Bayliss is your point of contact.
There is a Message Board & Roster on the Connect website, who knows, you may be a TV extra too – the Message Board explains all….


Bye for now – please remember to send me any newsworthy items for
inclusion in future issues.

David Pagett