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ENews 2009-04

April 14, 2009

Well, that was a holiday and a half. Our jetlag is receding at long last and although there's a problem with the ENews website (from where this newsletter emanates) we can get it working – after a fashion. So here goes!

Hello, welcome to ENews 2009-04. Today's headlines:

PM appointed, now we're away
SVCC formed, hip hip hooray.
Got some ideas? Then please let us know
The paintings are selling, raising some dough.
Chalford's a picture, now dredging's done
Tickets avail'ble, for barn dance fun.
What's in a number? Try C of P
News of an award, for Stroud's MP.
Stroud Farmers' Market, needs help in May
New Roadshow option, set up on the day.
If you can drive, to the show at Crick
Please let Mike know, pretty darn quick.
Go green at Waitrose, vote for C C T
Join a Work Party, get fit for free!



Or …… the first sign of Spring and the rebirth of the restoration!

In case some of you are unaware Stroud District Council has formally appointed Paul Coupe as Project Manager for Phase 1A.

A local man, Paul spent 7 years with BW before joining a Bristol-based firm of consultants in 2007. He has already made his mark locally with the Gloucester Quays development and design of the Gloucester – Sharpness canal diversion for the A40 bypass.

Welcome aboard Paul – and to the Connect website Photo Gallery…



…Is the new acronym for you to get used to, standing as it does for the Stroud Valley Canals Company.

Interests are held by each of the landowners who have vested their property in the company, together with Stroud District Council as lead partner and the Cotswold Canals Trust. The Directors are Bruce Hall MBE (Independent), Ken Burgin (Cotswold Canals Trust) and Karen Toole (Stroud District Council).

SVCC now holds a 999 year lease (from April 2005) on the 6.2 miles of the Stroudwater Navigation from Saul to Wallbridge and the freehold of approx. 5.9 acres of Brimscombe Port Industrial Estate. Negotiations are well underway to acquire the other land necessary for the restoration. Once the canal is restored, the company will take on responsibility for its operational management, maintenance and repair. This will include the Brimscombe Port section, where it is hoped a developer will restore the canal and then transfer it to the company.



Something similar was first suggested in ENews 2008-25 last September and I thought it may be apposite to remind you now that things are really starting to take off.

Are you harbouring thoughts and/or ideas about Phase 1A of the Restoration? Don't know who to ask or where to go for an answer? Then this is for you.

For example, maybe your thoughts and questions involve the saving of money or comprise solutions to problems you feel are going to arise; as long as they are constructive please email them to where a pool of experts will deliberate, cogitate and deal with accordingly.



Two of the 4 auctions of paintings referred to in ENews 2009-03 have now taken place and I am delighted to report that a total of £630 has been raised so far.

There are 2 further auctions to be held, details at  and follow the "Paintings – Auctions" link.



I mentioned the Connect Photo Gallery earlier. Take a look at Mark Welton's pictures of the canal at Chalford Roundhouse, now the dredging there is done.

Now that's what restoration is all about…



There's not much time left if you still want a ticket for the Barn Dance on the 25th April at Whitminster Village Hall.

Anna has just a few tickets left – contact her at or you can telephone her on 07976 617983



Boat owners – instead of having something like "BW 502840" painted on the side of your boat, have you ever thought that it would be rather nice to have "Registered at Stroud" there as well? Coupled with a unique Registration Number?

Well you can do this, as I have recently found out. Visit the Company of Proprietors of the Stroudwater Navigation's website at for all the information you'll need.



Stroud MP David Drew has received a coveted national award for his work on waterways.

Mr Drew was named Parliamentarian of the Year 2009 by the Inland Waterways Association for acting as chairman on two select committee inquiries into British Waterways.



Our attendance at Stroud Farmers' Market on 9th May is in need of some volunteers, please!

These visits are really important to the Trust especially as everything is starting to kick off. Please help if you can, initially contact Roadshow manager Mike Slade by email or telephone (after 19:00 please) 01179 693270



As many of you will be aware Crick Show is scheduled for the 23rd – 25th May. Our driver for taking the Roadshow Trailer to the event has now found out that he has to work that weekend instead.

Can you help? Either with taking the trailer up on Friday 22nd May or bringing it back again on Monday 25th May. Mike Slade is your man if you can – contact details as above.


A new section has been added to the Activity Areas of Connect, and that is "Roadshow – Site Setup" which will prove particularly useful at the local venues & events we attend.

The idea is that there may be those of you who are perfectly happy to help erect and dismantle the Roadshow stall but are not too enamoured with the prospect of staffing it during the day.

If you would like to join this team then logon to Connect, follow the "Change My Details" link and check the Activity Box that appears below your personal details.

Mike Slade has further information, contact details as before.


The CCT has been selected as one of three community groups to take part in the Waitrose "Community Matters" programme during April, but only for the Cirencester store as far as I know.

This is a scheme where shoppers get to vote for their favourite charity or good cause and the supermarket then divides a grant in the same proportions as the votes for each participating charity.

So – if you are in Cirencester any time during the rest of April and even if it is not your regular haunt, do pop into Waitrose to buy something because then you will get a little green token that you drop into the CCT ballot box container…please…



For further information about items marked* and for contact details please go to the Message Boards on the Connect Activities page at


*Mondays & Wednesdays – Weekly maintenance activity at Western Depot, Eastington, from 09:00 on

*Every Thursday from 17:30pm: Work Party in/around Latton Basin

15th – (1) Third Paintings Auction (of four). For further information go to—auctions.php
(2) – Eastern Branch meeting at the Trout Inn, Lechlade. 7.30pm start, everybody welcome

19th – (1) Boat Jumble at Gloucester Docks. Contact Roger Well
s if you have surplus items to donate
(2) *Work Party Tunnel area [Coates Portal]

25th – Barn Dance Whitminster Village Hall. Tickets £8, contact Anna Watts


3rd – *Work Party Tunnel area [Coates Portal]

4th – Bank Holiday so Western Branch meeting on 11th May.

9th – *Stroud Farmers Market. Volunteers required urgently….See Message Board

11th – NOTE CHANGE OF DATE Western Branch Meeting at Fromebridge Mill Whitminster. 19:30 start, all are welcome. Restoration update by either Bruce Hall, Chairman of the Phase 1A Delivery Group or by Ken Burgin, CCT Chief Executive

15th – Fourth Paintings Auction (of four). For further information go to—auctions.php

16th/17th – *Dig Deep weekend at Eisey Lock led by the Newbury Working Party Group (NWPG). CCT volunteers welcome.

17th – *Work Party Tunnel area [Coates Portal]

20th – Eastern Branch meeting at the Trout Inn, Lechlade. 7.30pm start, everybody welcome

28th/31st – *Tall Ships Event, Gloucester Docks

31st – *Work Party Tunnel area [Coates Portal]


The primary objective of ENews is to keep members, volunteers and subscribers up to date with what's happening within the Cotswold Canals Trust as a whole. Any and all feedback is more than welcome.

If you have any newsworthy items you would like to be considered for inclusion please let me know at but please remember there should always be a connection with the Stroudwater, the Thames & Severn or the CCT – however tenuous.

David Pagett
Editor, ENews
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Company Registered in England No: 1207787.
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