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ENews 2009-05

May 1, 2009

Hello and welcome to ENews 2009-05.

Today's headlines:

Boat Jumble sales, they raised some cash
More into coffers, from Barn Dance bash.
Acronym error, in last ENews
Stoppage email, when planning a cruise.
Sponsor a brick, or something like
Drive the Land Rover? Please contact Mike.
Work at Gough's Orchard, into the thicket
Talk to schoolchildren, that's just the ticket.
Talking of tickets, hop on a bus
We've won an award, Thames Heritage Trust.
Green winks have been tiddled, into the pot
That's all for this issue, aye aye that's yer lot.



The Western Depot stalwarts took space at Gloucester Docks Boat Jumble again this year.

And well worth the effort it was too, raising as it did £467 towards the restoration. It just goes to show that one man's surplus to requirements is another man's bargain…



After a most successful and thoroughly enjoyable evening forming stars, stripping willows, negotiating right hand turns and circling left until we were giddy – not forgetting the odd doh si doh of course – the Trust's coffers have been swelled by some £400.

Well done Anna Watts and her team for organising such a good evening and to Hetty Pegler's Tump for providing some memorable music.



Last time I told you all about the formation of SVCC Ltd and I'm sorry to tell you that I misplaced a letter 's'.

I referred to "Stroud VALLEY CANALS Company" whereas I should have said "Stroud VALLEYS CANAL Company".




Whilst it's not directly related to a "connection with the Stroudwater, the Thames & Severn or the CCT – however tenuous" as decreed at the foot of ENews it is nevertheless a very useful tool for boaters.

I'm talking about being automatically advised of BW stoppages affecting your regular cruising route(s). For example in this part of the world it would be for the
River Severn & Gloucester/Sharpness Canal. And of course any others that take your fancy.

If you're not registered already I'd recommend you to have a look at and follow the "Sign up for stoppage alerts" (in orange near the top).

A BW system that works really well! 



……well, what?

Now is the time for us to start thinking of some possible sponsorship ideas similar to, say, Clevedon Pier or a preserved railway. In the case of the former
members of the public sponsored a plank on the pier during its restoration, in the latter case railway sleepers. As far as I know a plaque is attached to each plank or sleeper so sponsored.

What could we do? Ideas need to bear in mind the potential pitfalls of canalside vandalism! Maybe we could arrange a "sponsor a layer of bricks" and attach some form of plaque…but if the brickwork is in a lock then what happens when the lock is filled? Maybe a vandal-proof display case adjacent to the lock recording the names of the sponsors is an idea – but there are Heritage considerations to be taken into account with a structure like this.

Maybe a lock gate, with the names of the sponsors attached to the gate?

Bright ideas for consideration, please, to either or to me if you prefer.



Fancy driving the Trust's Land Rover and Roadshow trailer on the evening of the 25th May?

We need to get the kit back from this year's Crick Boat Show & Waterways Festival after what is usually a highly successful and prestigious event.

If you feel able to help, or would like to know about what's involved, please contact Roadshow Manager Mike Slade or telephone (after 19:00 please) 01179 693270



On 9-10 May weekend London WRG are going to be working at Gough's Orchard lock. If you'd like to join them for one or both days, please email the organisers on  to let them know when you're coming.

There will be the usual need for sturdy footwear, steel toe capped boots or wellies ideally. Personal safety equipment will be provided and don't forget, the site will undoubtedly be wet and muddy.

For more information please check out the WRG website,



Is there a recently retired teacher amongst our readers who is missing the daily cut & thrust of school life?

Then this is definitely for you.

What we are looking for is someone who could work towards establishing an effective relationship with local primary schools involving key stage 2 pupils (that's 8 – 11 year olds to you & me.) Hopefully the youngsters will be encouraged and enthused to take an active interest in the history, ecology and economy of canals in general and the Cotswold Canals in particular.

Could you be interested, would you like some more information? Then Dave Marshall, Stroud District Council's Public Relations Officer is the person to contact, 01453 754646 or



The plans for Tony Campbell's Hook Norton Brewery trip are well advanced and there are just a few tickets left for what will be a boys' memorable day out.

On Thursday 21st May a vintage bus will depart from the Western Depot, Eastington with lots of jolly CCT volunteers on board. The journey will take a while but we shall be arriving in time for a village pub lunch before the tour itself in the afternoon. The return trip to Western Depot should get in around 19:00.

The cost (excluding lunch) is £20 and if you would like to join the merry throng please get in touch with Tony a bit sharpish –



At the recent River Thames Society AGM in Henley it was announced that the CCT is the Regional Winner of a Thames Heritage Trust Annual Award 2008. There will be a local presentation of a certificate and cheque for £250 in due course.

Well done to all concerned, and thanks in particular to Mike Cawsey for having the foresight to apply for an award in the first place.


In the last issue I made mention of the Waitrose "Community Matters" programme, and said that the CCT had been selected as one of three community groups for the month of April at the company's Cirencester store.

Have a look at the Connect Photo Gallery for a sight to gladden one's eyes.

We have a huge amount of support out there, possibly far greater than we realise!



For further information about items marked* and for contact details please go to the Message Boards on the Connect Activities page at


*Mondays & Wednesdays – Weekly maintenance activity at Western
Depot, Eastington, from 09:00 on

*Every Thursday from 17:30pm: Work Party in and around Latton Basin

3rd – *Work Party Tunnel area (Coates Portal)

4th – Bank Holiday so Western Branch meeting deferred until 11th May.

9th – *Stroud Farmers Market. Volunteers required please….See Message Board

9th-10th – London WRG at Gough's Orchard Lock, Brimscombe (see article above)

10th – *Work Party, Thrupp area

11th – NOTE CHANGE OF DATE Western Branch Meeting at Fromebridge Mill Whitminster. 19:30 start, all are welcome. Restoration update by either Bruce Hall, Chairman of the Phase 1A Delivery Group or by Ken Burgin, CCT Chief Executive

15th – Fourth Paintings Auction (of four). See—auctions.php for further information

16th/17th – *Dig Deep weekend at Eisey Lock led by the Newbury Working Party Group (NWPG). CCT volunteers welcome.

17th – *Work Party Tunnel area (Coates Portal)

20th – Eastern Branch meeting at the Trout Inn, Lechlade. 7.30pm start, everybody welcome

21st – Hook Norton Brewery trip. See article above, contact for information and tickets

23rd-25th – *Crick Boat Show & Waterways Festival, see article above

26th – Work Action Group meeting at The Crown, Cerney Wick. 19:30 start

28th/31st – *Tall Ships Festival, Gloucester Docks

31st – *Work Party Tunnel area (Coates Portal)


1st – Western Branch Meeting at Fromebridge Mill Whitminster. 19:30 start, all are welcome. Restoration update by either Bruce Hall, Chairman of the Phase 1A Delivery Group or by Ken Burgin, CCT Chief Executive

7th – *Work Party Thrupp area 

13th – *Stroud Farmers Market. Volunteers required please….See Message Board

14th – *Work Party Tunnel area (Coates Portal)

17th – Eastern Branch meeting at the Trout Inn, Lechlade. 7.30pm start, everybody welcome

20th-21st – *WRG weekend at Eisey Lock led by the "Bit in the Middle" (BITM) Group. CCT volunteers welcome

21st – *Work Party Thrupp area

28th – *Work Party Tunnel area (Coates Portal)


The primary objective of ENews is to keep members, volunteers and subscribers up to date with what's happening within the Cotswold Canals Trust as a whole.

Any and all feedback is more than welcome.

If you have any newsworthy items you would like to be considered for inclusion please let me know at but please remember there should always be a connection with the Stroudwater, the Thames & Severn or the CCT – however tenuous.

David Pagett
Editor, ENews
The Cotswold Canals Trust – Registered Charity No: 269721.
44 Black Jack Street, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 2AA.  
Company Registered in England No: 1207787.
Registered Office: Island House, Moor Road, Chesham, HP5 1NZ