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ENews 2009-07 – Election Special

May 22, 2009

Hello and welcome to ENews 2009-07, an Election Special!

This issue is primarily aimed at Gloucestershire residents in particular in view of the local government elections taking place on Thursday 4th June. We need to make sure that the canal project is seen as an important concern so that it gets the support and attention it deserves at county level.
Can I ask you to contact as many sitting and prospective candidates as possible in the time remaining before the elections?  A list of the present incumbents is available at and names and addresses of the nominees can be found at

Please seek their views on the canal restoration and what they feel they can do to ensure that the County Council continues to fully support the project. If candidates appear on your doorstep please raise the issue with them.
There are some exciting and critical decisions to be made very shortly involving County Council budgets, the A46 bridge over the canal in Stroud is a prime example. Given all the delays that have been experienced over the years for various reasons we really need to do all we can to encourage the County Councillors to continue to support these decisions.

It is very important that the profile of the canal as a project is raised in the eyes of the elected members, particularly to demonstrate the level of support the restoration has, particularly within the residents of Stroud.

I would really appreciate you sharing the responses you receive so the stance being taken by the various candidates can be ascertained, please email


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David Pagett
Editor, ENews
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