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ENews 2009-12

July 28, 2009

Hello and welcome to ENews 2009-12.

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Fancy a pull, not far from home
Or if you can, there's further to roam.
Where is that lock? Find it today
The Roadshow boss, short holiday.
A French connection, now there's a dream
Activity pictures, help for the team



Does your car have a towbar? If so, could you (and it) be available in the early evening of Sunday 2nd August?

The Roadshow trailer will be at the Stroud Vintage Transport & Engine Club’s Annual Show at Kemble and it needs to be got back to the Western Depot at Eastington.

Alternatively we could clear you to drive the Trust Landrover in the time available; please contact Roadshow Manager Mike Slade, mrmike.slade@googlemail.com or 0117 9693270 if you can help. (EDITOR'S NOTE 29/7:Resolved!)



On a similar theme one of the most important annual events for the Roadshow is the IWA National Festival. This year it is being held over the August Bank Holiday weekend, 29th to 31st August inclusive, at Red Hill near Ratcliffe on Soar. This is where both the Erewash Canal & the River Soar join the River Trent, a most picturesque spot. Especially if you are a fan of rather large power stations.

In addition to staffing the Festival itself (there's further information about this on the Connect Message Board as you'd expect) we are looking for a driver for each leg. In other words someone to take the Roadshow trailer to the Festival site on Friday 28th and someone to bring it back again in the evening of Monday 31st.

You could use your own vehicle or, if you prefer and subject to completion of the necessary formalities beforehand, the Trust’s Landrover.

Once again please contact Mike as soon as you can if you think you could help with this one.



Reference is often made to the likes of "Gough's Orchard Lock" and "Eisey Lock" amongst other places and I know some of you would like more information as to just where these locations are.

One place to go to find out is the Cotswold Canals Partnership website at www.cotswoldcanalsproject.org . This site contains a mine of information, including a really good interactive map and a summary of what's happening at various locations along the canals.

Just follow the "Interactive Maps" link to identify various locations or the "What's Happening" link for some up to date photos of the fantastic progress being made with the excavation & restoration of Gough's Orchard Lock & Eisey Lock. 



We're letting Roadshow Manager Mike Slade & his partner Pat have a well-earned long weekend break in early September.

Management of our appearance at Frampton Country Fair on Sunday 13th is sorted, but could you be available to be in charge of Stroud Farmers' Market on the morning of Saturday 12th?

If so please contact Mike as soon as you can.



Oui? Tres bon. Nous avons been approached by un canal societe dans France pour voir if nous sommes interested dans un exercise de twinning.

Le societe is called ARECABE et has been going pour 10 ans. L'objective de cette societe est to re-ouvert le Canal de Berry. Voyez http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canal_du_Berry  mais if vous ne parlez pas Franglais comme moi then regardez http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canal_de_Berry instead!

If vous avez some experience d'un twinning exercise please get in touch avec Clive Field who will be able to donnez vous more information about le project. Email clive@southernroad.com or donnez lui un bell sur  07798 551288.



This is the one thing that visitors to the Heritage Centre, Roadshow and Trip Boats are always asking us. So here's an idea to help all our customer facing volunteers provide an answer.

Work Parties take place almost every weekend and indeed the Monday & Wednesday gangs undertake sterling work too. At the moment we've got Alan Jones leading a group restoring the Trust's dredger, tug and barges (if you would like to get involved then visit the 'CCT Plant' Message Board on Connect for details) and restoration work has recently been taking place at Eisey Lock and Gough's Orchard Lock.

Indeed the Waterway Recovery Group start a 4-week summer camp at Gough's Orchard on the 25th July. Believe it or believe it not something like 2,000 tonnes of infill and silt have been removed and over 15,000 bricks delivered to site ready for the Wergies to do their stuff. A collective prayer for fine weather please.
Remember the Partnership website referred to earlier for up to date pictures of what's going on.

Now – if volunteers from each activity had their camera with them, think what a photographic collection we could build up in a really short space of time! Clive Field has offered to coordinate these and produce a suitable document on a regular basis.

If you have some recent pictures (in jpeg format only please) of chaps and chappesses in their hard hats and big beefy machinery that have a decent resolution and you know where and when they were taken then why not get in touch with Clive to take this one stage further? Email clive@southernroad.com or give him a call on 07798 551288.



I expect that, like me, you probably get hacked off having to ring an 0870 number from your mobile if you have a problem on the waterways.

Well, the Environment Agency has recognised this, so if you are venturing onto their waters at all then instead of ringing 08708 506506 you can now ring a landline, 01709 389201


Want to learn to play golf?

A CCT member is going into hospital shortly. The hospital booklet says he will be able to play golf after 8 to 12 weeks.

It's obviously quite an impressive operation because he can't play the game at present.



For further information about items marked* and for contact details please go to the Message Boards on the Connect Activities page at http://www.cct.teamconnect.org.uk

*Mondays & Wednesdays: Maintenance activity at Western Depot, Eastington 
*Thursdays from 17:30pm: Work Party in/around Latton Basin


*28th – Works Action Group Meeting, The Crown Cerney Wick 19:30 start
*31st – Stroud Vintage Transport & Engine Club Annual Show at Kemble. Day 1 of 3


*1st/2nd -Stroud Vintage Transport & Engine Club Annual Show at Kemble. Roadshow volunteers required please
3rd – Western Branch Meeting at Fromebridge Mill, Whitminster. 19:30 start, everybody welcome. Restoration update by either Bruce Hall, Chairman of the Phase 1A Delivery Group or by Ken Burgin, CCT Chief Executive
*8th – Stroud Farmers Market
*9th – Work Party Summit Level (Coates)
19th – Eastern Branch meeting at the Trout Inn, Lechlade. 7.30pm start, everybody welcome
*23rd – Work Party Summit Level (Coates)
*25th – Work Action Group Meeting, Heritage Centre Saul
*29th, 30th & 31st – IWA National at Ratcliffe on Soar, Notts


*6th – Work Party Summit Level (Coates)
7th – Western Branch Meeting at Fromebridge Mill, Whitminster. 19:30 start, everybody welcome. Restoration update by e
ither Bruce Hall, Chairman of the Phase 1A Delivery Group or by Ken Burgin, CCT Chief Executive
*12th – Stroud Farmers Market
*13th – Frampton Country Fair
16th – Eastern Branch meeting at the Trout Inn, Lechlade. 7.30pm start, everybody welcome
19th – Selsley Village Fete
*20th – Work Party Summit Level (Coates)
*22nd – Work Action Group Meeting, The Crown, Cerney Wick


The primary objective of ENews is to keep members, volunteers and subscribers up to date with what’s happening within the Cotswold Canals Trust as a whole. Any and all feedback is more than welcome.

If you have any newsworthy items you would like to be considered for inclusion please let me know at postmaster@cctmembers-newsletter.co.uk but please remember there should always be a connection with the Stroudwater, the Thames & Severn or the CCT – however tenuous.

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