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ENews 2009-19

25 November 2009 

Hello and welcome to ENews 2009-19.

I am breaking my golden rule about newsletter content in view of the nature of the following.

You may already know about media speculation that the Government intends to include the British Waterways' property portfolio as a component of the £16bn asset sale. Further information on the IWA website at http://www.waterways.org.uk/Home including a link to a No.10 petition that you may like to consider signing, please.


Right. Here we go with today's headlines:

If you've got a stove  then this sounds quite hot
Upper Mills OK  planning's been got
Pictures of Eisey  see what's completed
A rival poet, I'll be unseated
History question, what's in the ground
Events organiser, one has been crowned
I had no idea, how much has been done
Missing old Trows, have you got some?
Canine deposits, for all to see
Dredger is floating, tied to a tree.



The ProLog
Have you a wood burning stove or a really well-guarded open fire? If so then we have logs from recently felled timber for sale. There is a fair amount of willow here which can, of course, spit for England if burnt on an open fire. If possible it should be laid down for a while before using so it has the opportunity to dry out a bit.

The IdeoLog
The concept of preparing and selling logs seems like an excellent way to raise funds for the restoration. The logs themselves will come in all shapes and sizes, given the nature and size of the trees being removed from the canal and canal bank, but no more than 9/10 inches or23/25cm long. With a free local delivery service too!

The CataLog
To get an idea of what the loads will look like, pictures of the trailers that will be used and of a typical full net appear in the Connect Photo Gallery.
– Log net – £5, minimum order of 5 to qualify for free delivery, please see below for terms
– Trailer A – approx 36 cu ft – £47.50
– Trailer B – approx 80 cu ft – £95.00

Researching the nets in October revealed that Budgen's were selling ones weighing approx 7 kilos for £3.49 and B&Q approx 9 kilos for £4.98. Ours will weigh in at around 15 kilos when dry, probably more when delivered, so at £5 they are a bargain!

The TravelLog
Free Delivery within a 15-mile radius of Western Depot Eastington (GL10 3RT for Google Maps calculation purposes, if required), 75p per additional mile for deliveries outside this area. Credit or debit cards are the preferred means of payment but I'll do my best to accept cash or guaranteed cheques as well.

The BackLog
Please bear in mind delivery won't necessarily be instantaneous as the log preparation process will be weather, time and manpower dependent.

The EpiLog
Please telephone me on 01452 505322 or email cct@well-springs.co.uk if you would like to discuss further or indeed to place an order

Logging Off
This heading has been axed…



Late breaking news – Planning permission has been granted for the Upper Mills Bridge proposals.

Further details in due course.


Throughout the year we have been fortunate enough to have welcomed various canal restoration organisations to our patch and between them they have put in a great deal of time and effort into the restoration of Eisey Lock.

One of "the regulars", the Kent & East Sussex Canal Restoration Group, have a good photographic archive of their camps, you can view this at http://www.kescrg.org.uk/



This from Jan Thomas, the Co-ordinator of Cotswolds Canals Knowledge:

There is a canal in Stroud,
Of which we can rightly be proud.
Do you have a question,
Memory or suggestion
We can share with the rest of the crowd?

Are you a teacher, teaching assistant or school governor? Is your school within 15 minutes of a canal in the Cotswolds area? Would you like a resource pack to help you deliver your curriculum to your young people? Cotswold Canals Knowledge is a small group of people developing and co-ordinating ideas about how we can develop community ownership of the Cotswold Canals through education and our schools. Please get in touch, whatever your interest, and together we can help to make it happen. Please email jthomas.cck@googlemail.com   



Trust Director Ken Bailey is asking for your help. He says:

We are looking for old pictures/drawings of two particular locations, the first of which is at Ryeford Wharf, next to Tankard House opposite the coal pens. We think that there was some form of wharf edge and also a slipway at this location. We already have a couple of 1950's pictures showing a couple of boats dragged up here and a map showing the canal widening out but little else. While a Wednesday Maintenance Team were on site recently they dug a couple of small areas by hand and found a flat stone paved area and what may have been the base of a wall. Do you know anything about the history of this location?

Secondly we are seeking details of the bridge that used to take the road across the tail of Cerney Wick Lock. There are a number of pictures taken from the bridge of both the lock and Roundhouse but nothing that we can find looking the other way or even with the bridge in the foreground.

Emails to either Ken@ladywood.f9.co.uk or CCP-Enquiries@cotswoldcanals.com if you have any information on either matter, please.



That stalwart of the social function, Anna Watts, has recently been appointed as the Trust's Events Coordinator.

Initially Anna would like to find some like-minded souls so that a Committee can be formed. Ideas already on the starting blocks include another Barn Dance scheduled for the 27th March (tickets should be available shortly before Christmas) and a repeat of the highly successful quilt embroidery classes. In fact if anybody would like to join Anna on Friday 4th December 2:00pm at the Heritage Centre to start cutting fabric, you'll be more than welcome.

Any and all other ideas for fund raising events would be gratefully received. If you would like to become involved at all then please get in touch with Anna on 07800 581167.



If you were asked, could you summarise many or all of the projects that have taken place since the CCT was formed in 1972? No? Nor could I.

Way back in 1974, that renowned reporter John Craven of Swapshop, Newsround and latterly Countryfile fame made a film for the BBC. The filming took place in Lodgemore Lane, Stroud.

Having been asked to find out what's happened to our canals in the last 35 years my attention was drawn to a page on the Partnership's website at http://community.stroud.gov.uk/general.asp?pid=2&pgid=446&menu=274 This contains a summary of everything that, primarily, a group of volunteers has achieved (with the obvious involvement of the professionals where and when required). I feel the list can only be described as – for wont of a better expression and to use that really o
verworked word – awesome.

The updated article, including the original 1974 film, can be found at http://news.bbc.co.uk/local/gloucestershire/hi/people_and_places/history/newsid_8374000/8374319.stm  



Chairman Liz Payne has a chum who is trying to access every Trow since the first edition came off the presses.

The ones being sought are numbers 1 – 58 inclusive and number 60. If you can help at all please contact Liz on 01367 253121, email cctchair@aol.com



Member Mike Blanch and SDC Dog Warden Natasha Anderson recently donned their wellies to undertake a survey along various stretches of the towpath between Eastington and Daneway. And it was just as well they did.

Suffice it to say that they found getting on for 150 examples of you know what despite there being 13 bins located in the 11.5 mile stretch surveyed. Hopefully Mike will have been instrumental in getting at least 4 more bins installed at the hot spots, as it were.



The Trust's 'Dredger No 5' was successfully relaunched at Eastington on the 15th November after completion of its restoration.

Well done to all concerned with this project. Let's hope that it won't be too long before it is hard at work doing what it was designed to do.


For further information and contact details about items marked* please go to the Message Boards on the Activities and Rosters page at http://www.cct.teamconnect.org.uk 
If you wish to become a registered volunteer just follow the "Register Me Now" link.

*Mondays & Wednesdays from 9:00am: Maintenance activity at Western Depot, Eastington. Please note Western Depot will be closed on 28th & 30th December, reopening on the 4th January.
*Saturdays from 9:00am: Tug, dredger & barge restoration activity at Western Depot, Eastington


*29th – Work Party Summit Level (Coates)


Weekdays, 1st – 23rd: – Christmas Lunch Charter opportunities at Saul (Trip Boat Saul-Charter Message Board)

*6th: (1) – Start of Santa Cruise Season at Saul Junction. From10:00, last trip around 15:30
*6th: (2) – Work Party at Ryeford (Saul-Daneway Message Board)
7th: – *NOTE VENUE CHANGE*Western Branch Meeting at Gloucester Yacht Club, Victoria Basin Gloucester Docks from 7:30pm including a Restoration update by either Bruce Hall from the Cotswold Canals Partnership or Ken Burgin, CCT Chief Executive
*12th: – Santa Cruises at Saul Junction from10:00, last trip around 15:30
*13th: (1) – Santa Cruises at Saul Junction from10:00, last trip around 15:30
*13th: (2) – Work Party (bankside vegetation clearance) near Ryeford (Volunteer Activity Programme Message Board)  
*18th: – Work Party Summit Level, Coates
*19th: – Santa Cruises at Saul Junction from10:00, last trip around 15:30
*20th: – Santa Cruises at Saul Junction from10:00, last trip around 15:30. FINAL DAY!


*10th: – Work Party at Ryeford (Saul-Daneway Message Board)
*17th: – Work Party Summit Level, Coates
*31st: – Work Party at Ryeford (Saul-Daneway Message Board)


The primary objective of ENews is to keep members, volunteers and subscribers up to date with what's happening within the Cotswold Canals Trust as a whole. Any and all feedback is more than welcome.

If you have any newsworthy items you would like to be considered for inclusion please let me know at postmaster@cctmembers-newsletter.co.uk but please remember there should always be a connection with the Stroudwater, the Thames & Severn or the CCT – however tenuous.

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