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ENews 2010-04 and 04A

Hello and welcome.

Just the one item on this occasion:


We have found some ash which, as all fire loving pyromaniacs know, is one of the best woods available for burning. Wet or dry, woodburner or open fire – it is ideally suited.

This is a rare occasion to acquire what is variously described as

"….ash logs, all smooth and grey, burn them green or old; Buy up all that comes your way – they're worth their weight in gold."

"But ash new or ash old, is fit for a queen with crown of gold.

But Ash green or Ash brown, is fit for a queen with golden crown.

But Ash wet or Ash dry, a king shall warm his slippers by."

In view of these endorsements and as the whole logs project is designed to raise money for the restoration the thought was – sell a trailer load to the highest bidder. So that is what I shall try to do.

The trailer to be used will be the smaller approx 36cu ft one and delivery can be arranged for Wednesday 31st March. The load will be exclusively ash from a blown down tree that will be cut up and chopped into logs around 9 or 10 inches in length between now and the 31st.

This offer is open to those of you within a realistic travelling distance of Eastington, say 15 miles or thereabouts…it depends upon the size of the winning bid!

I already have an opening bid of £50, and will update daily with the best bid received until MONDAY 29TH MARCH. "Entries" will close at 20:00 sharp on the 29th.

Payment from the winning bidder will not be required until delivery day, and then preferably by plastic, please.

Please send your bid by email to and add your name, address and telephone number.

Good luck with your bid – I look forward to receiving it!

David Pagett

ENews Editor and CCT Logman.

4th March, ENews 2010-04A

I am really sorry to have to issue this edition with a heading of


In the last 48 hours the fallen tree that was to be the source of the trailer load auction has been taken away –  in its entirety – and it was nothing to do with the fairies as far as I can tell.

Whether the wood has been stolen, removed by the Landowner or removed with his prior permission is not known at this stage. Suffice it to say that whatever the true story it is particularly disappointing in view of a magnificent bid we had received.

My thanks to all of you who took the time and trouble to submit bids.

Never fear – I shall try again when the opportunity arises!

David Pagett

ENews Editor